What’s in store for Game of Thrones Season 5

What’s in store for Game of Thrones Season 5

April 12, 2015 0 By EVA

Game of Thrones season four saw the wrap-up of storylines in the making since the series premiere. If you are not up to date with the show, the following contains spoilers. But not as many spoilers as the four season five episodes that leaked last night. Let’s just respect the show’s creators and talk about the legitimately released information at hand.

With the fifth season premiering Sunday, there are a lot of storylines to keep straight. One storyline we know we won’t have to worry about this season is that of Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead Wright). Kristian Nairn, who plays Hodor, let it slip during an interview that he and Wright had this season off. Entertainment Weekly reports GoT showrunner David Benioff explains that the decision was made because the show had completely caught up to Bran’s storyline in the book. “It made sense to stop where we did,” Benioff tells EW. “He’s now entering a training period which is going to take quite some time, much of which isn’t particularly cinematic. So rather than being stuck in a cave for a year, we figured it would be interesting to leave him out for a little bit.”

Last season, Tyrion, found himself facing death after he was wrongly accused of murdering King Joffrey. The misunderstood Lannister opted for a second stab at trial by combat, which left his Champion, Oberyn Martell, dead. Tyrion is saved by his brother Jaime, who along with Lord Varys devises a plan to help the prisoner escape, but doesn’t leave quietly. Tyrion murders his former lover Shae and father before stowing away in a crate and sailing off from the capitol.

This signifies a major shift in narrative. With the long-time puppet master of Kings Landing gone, Cersei’s manipulative ways might be the last hope the Lannisters have at holding on to the Iron Throne. However, her distraction and grief may just be the family’s undoing. With Stannis and his army on the move, last seen at Castle Black, there might just be a new king in town.

From the looks of season 5 trailers, Danaerys – last seen ruling Mereen – will continue her quest for the throne, with a couple new friends. The trailers hint at a possible storyline crossover with Tyrion, now on the run from his vengeful sister.

The future is open to interpretation for many of the young female characters of the show, all who seem to be driving their own narratives and surviving to the best of their ability. Sansa finds herself in the clutches of Lord Baelish, while Arya sets off alone for Braavos. This season will also take us to Dorne, where The Red Viper’s daughters, the legendary Sand Snakes, will be introduced along with Cercei’s daughter Myrcella (Nell Tiger Free). Game of Thrones premieres Sunday, April 12, 2015 at 9 pm EST on HBO.