The Walking Dead: ‘No Sanctuary’ Review

The Walking Dead: ‘No Sanctuary’ Review

October 13, 2014 0 By Jeff Fountain

At times, The Walking Dead is an unfortunate victim of its own success. With so many great moments and story arcs, they are making it more and more difficult on themselves to top past seasons and continue to provide its now huge audience with those moments that simply shock and awe. Well fans, have no fear as season five has started out with a bang (or in this case, an explosion) that provided many tense moments and great action.

When we last left the survivors, they had been herded like cattle into an abandoned train car to await a fate no one really wanted to talk about. As the new season begins, we see them all preparing to fight their captors, hopeful of taking them by surprise with their weapons they have manufactured in a great moment where zombie apocalypse meets MacGyver.

This moment by itself typifies what is to follow in the rest of the episode, that being brutal violence, chaos and more than a few moments that will have some stomachs turning in disgust.

Outside the friendly confines of Terminus, Tyreese, Carol and baby Judith are getting closer to reuniting with their friends and the gang inside the rail car should thank their lucky stars because Carol is about to go into her Terminator meets Rambo mode again. Or is she like that all the time now? Well, I’m sure we will find out eventually but for now Carol is completely bad ass and honestly, it scares the hell out of me.

It’s interesting to see that throughout the episode both groups of humans — the Terminus gang and our beloved group of misfits, seem more intent on killing each other than the walkers and make no mistake, there are a lot of walkers. Rick in particular makes some interesting decisions that cause a few heads to turn in the group.

Perhaps current show runner Scott Gimple has something new up his sleeve for the human ‘survivors’ in this walker-filled hell hole. Putting them at each other’s throats would be a welcome change to the walk and talk soap opera that filled most of season four.


One thing is for sure: the premiere of season five is not for those with weak stomachs. Forget for a moment about the questions that hang over the real purpose of Terminus, which in itself is hard for some to imagine. The all out orgy of blood and violence that is let loose in this episode is at times completely chaotic, over the top and shows The Walking Dead flexing the strength of their show.

Sure, we all get attached to the characters and you know not all of them will make it through the whole season, but when the show gets down to its core of pure survival mode, it allows you to see what human beings are really capable of in the most dire of circumstances.

Which brings me to Carol. Oh my, I can’t wait to see what they have in store for her this season. Her killer instinct is very useful, but her robotic mentality to all things involving survival is surely going to rub some people the wrong way. Have I mentioned yet that she’s scary?

I am not naïve enough to think The Walking Dead will keep up this level of chaos and action throughout the season. Indeed, you do need a break now and then to let the viewers catch their breath. However, the premiere was a knock down, drag em’ out attack on all the senses and a great way to start a new season.