Top 5 Announcements from Nintendo Direct

Top 5 Announcements from Nintendo Direct

February 18, 2021 0 By Gary

Making a top 5 list is always subjective. Why does one thing make the cut and not another? Well, arguing about lists is half the fun!

A couple of things that were not included? Information about a new Switch Console and any consequential news about Breath of the Wild 2. They did say news about BOTW2 was coming this year, so that’s something. Not much of something, mind you, but something.

Without further ado, here’s the list of the top five announcements from Nintendo Direct.


The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

It isn’t BOTW2, but it is dope as hell.

In the original game, players would use the Wii Remote as a sword and a nunchuk accessory as a shield. Swing the Wii Remote, swing the sword, and so on. According to the team “with the increased processing power of the Nintendo Switch system, the controls here are smoother, and even more intuitive. And we’ve recreated the controls by having the player hold two joycon controllers.”

The game also includes, for the the first time, a button only control scheme. Using buttons and not motion control allows for people on the Switch lite to to play the game as well.

Available on July 16, alongside some Skyward Sword themed joycons, this remaster may quiet discontent over BOTW2…at least for a little, while.


The uber-popular dungeon-crawl, and winner of multiple 2020 awards is coming to Switch. But not only is the game coming to Switch, but its also coming with some perks…IF…you buy the physical edition.

In addition to the game, buying the cartridge gets you a digital download code for the soundtrack. Two hours of music matching the theme and tone of Hades. You’ll also get a 32 page art booklet that features character designs and art from the game’s art director.

You also get the game. That’s pretty good too.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

In some ways it’s surprising that Fall Guys wasn’t already on the Switch. That is being fixed with the launch of the game on Switch!
It isn’t the stream-darling it was (Among Us stole a lot of its thunder) but it should still receive a positive reception on the console. The game drops sometime this summer.

Star Wars: Hunters

The teaser for Star Wars: Hunters dropped. It shows almost nothing…and yet we cannot wait for it to arrive.

Developed by Zynga (yeaaaaah Farmville, Zynga) and Lucasfilm games, it seems like it will be an arena battle game featuring Star Wars archetypes and heroes.

The game is set after Return of the Jedi, after the Empire’s fallen.

Star WarsHunters will bring players together to engage in thrilling, team-based, multiplayer battles featuring a diverse array of distinctive new Star Wars characters.”

The game drops sometime this year.

Animal Crossings: New Horizons

Animal Crossings: New Horizons did blockbuster sales for the Switch last year and some fun Super Mario 35th anniversary items are coming to the game on March 1st!

Power mushroom and question block? Check!

How about two warp pipes that can take you from location to location? You’ll be able to build your own little Mario Kingdom! And don’t forget the Mario and Luigi outfits.

The update is available on February 25th and the items go live on March 1st.