The First Look at Christopher Giroux’s ‘SCRAPS’ is Here!

The First Look at Christopher Giroux’s ‘SCRAPS’ is Here!

May 3, 2017 0 By Jeff Fountain

Hitting the festival circuit this summer, SCRAPS is an ode to 90’s VHS horror movie making. Describing it as ‘a bloody romp full of twists and turns’, director Christopher Giroux, well-known producer of such independent horror films as Bite, Bed of the Dead, The Heretics and Let Her Out, brings his years of experience to helm this film

On top of releasing SCRAPS, Giroux is bringing his views on piracy to a new light by adding a tongue in cheek, VHS-inspired piracy warning attached the beginning of the film. Graphic Artist \ filmmaker Sean McLeod, Black Fawn Distribution sales manager C.F. Benner, 920 Films & filmmaker Christopher Giroux teamed up to release this piracy warning to raise awareness within the indie community. As this cause is so near and dear to their hearts, the team has not only released the piracy logo in front of SCRAPS, they have also made it available on the 920 Films Vimeo page, for any filmmaker to use licence-free; to encourage other filmmakers to join the fight against online piracy.

SCRAPS is DIRECTED BY Christopher Giroux, WRITTEN BY Jordan Gray, PRODUCED BY Christopher Giroux, Jordan Gray, James O’Donnell, Karen Scobie and Gina Simone STARRING Emily Alatalo, Jordan Gray, Alex Frankson, Lovell Adams-Gray, Rebecca Lamarche and Grisha Pasternak, with ORIGINAL MUSIC by Tomb Dragomir (Ghastlies), PRODUCTION DESIGN BY Jessica Terry, and DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Michael Malko (Secret Santa) and POSTER ARTWORK DESIGNED by Gabriel Carrer.

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