The Deck of Many Things bundle delayed

The Deck of Many Things bundle delayed

October 27, 2023 0 By Gary

Due to a manufacturing issue, Wizards has delayed the release of The Deck of Many Things set.

Details on the issue are scant, but a press release on D&D Beyond noted “[a]fter an internal review we found the product didn’t meet our manufacturing standards. Unfortunately, making this right will delay the release of the physical product, both directly from Wizards as well as our retail partners.”

The digital release of The Book of Many Things is not impacted, and is releasing on schedule on November 14th. Purchasers of the physical+digital bundle will still receive the early access, on October 31st.
For Wizards of the Coast to pull an entire print run of a book, the issue must be significant. There are potentially huge cost implications associated with the decision, so it was unlikely taken lightly.

The revised release date for the physical book has not yet been shared.