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Emotions, Not Plot, Rescues Agents of SHIELD’s Season 4 Finale

by Laura Cerroneon May 17, 2017
Episode 22 – World’s End If Agents of SHIELD ended during the season finale, it would have been a confusing and difficult place to leave the series. However, that’s not the case for World’s End. The season concluded with more questions than answers, and was propelled by its emotional elements rather than the action.   […]

Things Heat Up in Episode 4 of Agents of SHIELD

by Laura Cerroneon October 19, 2016
Episode 4 – Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire This episode was a love letter to the fans with its tremendous amounts of callbacks and parallels. If you’ve beginning with the show since day one, you will have noticed a lot of dynamics and allusions to the often shaky and adolescent freshman season. Instead, […]


Meeting the New Director and Darkhold with Agents of SHIELD

by Laura Cerroneon September 28, 2016
Episode 2 – Meet the New Boss It hasn’t hit October yet, but Agents of SHIELD brings the spooky in full effect with their follower to the season premiere. While their opener packed the action punched, the second episode firmly planted a plot that ties in strongly to Doctor Strange, Marvel lore and major shake-ups to […]

Suicide Squad: Lets Put a Smile on That Face

by Kaitlyn Smithon April 9, 2015
Writer and director David Ayer took to Twitter today to post a picture of the cast gathered together for a read-through of the Suicide Squad script, due for release in August 2016. Set to star in the upcoming movie are Will Smith as Deadshot, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, and Viola Davis as Amanda Waller but this fantastic […]