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Batman – The Telltale Series First Look

by Mel Burkeon June 12, 2016
Today, Telltale Games with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment unveiled the first look at Batman – The Telltale Series. The preview comes ahead of the episodic game’s summer debut and attendees at the E3 Gaming Expo this week will also get a special look at the latest available for fans of the hero Gotham needs. The […]

Five Question Friday with Aaron Dill and Sean Sweigart, Board Game Designers

by Garyon June 10, 2016
Full Disclosure: I love board games. One might say, I’m obsessed with them. I play them and when I’m not playing them, I think about playing them. My favourite board game by far is Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery. It’s a game wherein you assume the role of the leader of a gladiatorial school […]

Five Question Friday with Sorastro, Miniature Painting Guru

by Garyon June 3, 2016
Boardgames have become big business over the last few years with YouTube channels and conventions popping up all over. But when you buy a game that comes with miniatures and your artistic skills rival those of three-year old finger painters, what do you do? Suffer with the unpainted lumps of plastic every time to break […]

This Witcher Cosplay Will Blow Your Mind

by Alanna Smithon May 19, 2016
Last week the team behind The Witcher held an event in Italy for their new DLC Blood and Wine, which hits stores at the end of the month. And the star of the event? The Witcher himself. The sword-wielding Geralt de Rivia was brought to life by Maul Cosplay and photographed to stunning effect by eosAndy, to the point where I needed to double […]

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X: Fun, but still not KH3

by Mel Burkeon April 27, 2016
Kingdom Hearts Unchained X is a mobile “freemium” game, formally in a browser format, from Square Enix.  It incorporates a lot of popular elements from other top mobile games into a “tap and slash” that feels at home with the console series. And while it’s no Kingdom Hearts 3 (COME ON SQUARE ENIX, WE’RE IN THE HOME STRETCH), […]

Destiny Community: JSniperton

by EVAon April 6, 2016
One of the most beloved characters from Finding Nemo was Crush, the super-chill turtle who was over 100-years-old. JSniperton, a Twitch streamer, isn’t even close to being that old, but does manage to carry himself in a very calm, relaxed manner with patience well beyond his years and is the leader of the #TurtleSquad. Like […]

Destiny Community: Judgment Reserved

by EVAon March 29, 2016
It can be tough to live past mistakes down. Mess up once, and sometimes you’re branded among friends and family for years. That can be a rough and lonely existence, one that often pushes someone further down the path they should veer from. Sonny Groat, or SPARTANSonny to some, lived that very existence. Trapped in […]

Destiny Community: Support Smaller Streams

by EVAon March 23, 2016
In my quest to find more hidden gems within the Destiny community, I wanted to learn more about the #SupportSmallerStreams “campaign” that I often see on Twitter. That led me to Scooobaruu, a member of Resolute, and a passionate streamer and sometimes content creator. While he isn’t paid to stream or post on his channel, […]

Fable Legends Dead, Big Changes at Microsoft Studios

by Garyon March 7, 2016
Fable Legends is dead and its studio, Lionhead, appears to be going with it. Today, Microsoft released a statement that said as much. “After much consideration we have decided to cease development on Fable Legends, and are in discussions with employees about the proposed closure of Lionhead Studios in the UK.” This is a remarkable turnaround, […]

Tabletop Gaming 202

by Jordan Wilhelmon February 26, 2016
So you’re a little more experienced now and are looking to delve a little deeper into the world of tabletop gaming. There are several games similar to ones described in Tabletop Gaming 101 as well as expansions to those basic games to create a more diverse gaming experience. Just remember there are tons of games […]