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Gotham Review: Darkness and Death a Welcome Sight in ‘Hog Day Afternoon’

by Jeff Fountainon October 27, 2017
After last week’s head-scratching episode I really had no idea where the showrunners were going to take story this week. Thankfully, they went back to their strength, that being over the top violence, cartoon-like characters you can’t help but enjoy and some really creepy and dark scenes. It certainly wasn’t perfect but it was nice […]

TV Review: ‘Gotham’ Shows Signs of Moving in the Right Direction in Season Two Premiere

by Jeff Fountainon September 22, 2015
To say that that the first episode in season two of Gotham was a complete success would definitely be a stretch. In fact, on a few occasions it felt like I was watching the same mistakes repeating themselves from season one. However, some important seeds were planted and I didn’t come out of watching the […]