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Pass the Hot Potato Soup to Us – Agents of SHIELD

by Laura Cerroneon February 1, 2017
Episode 12 – Hot Potato Soup Avenger references, meta call-outs and emotional pinpricks were at the center of Agents of SHIELD’s Hot Potato Soup. With the return (and introduction) of the Koenigs (Sam, Billy, Thurston, LT… RIP Eric), we were promised an episode with a touch of light-heartedness. We love the Koenig’s nerdiness, and Patton […]

Wake Up Serves Emotions for Agents of SHIELD

by Laura Cerroneon January 25, 2017
Episode 11 – Wake Up Wake Up got two things very right, character interaction and the acting. Solid on both fronts, it does mask some of the glaring plot holes that addled the episode. Agents of SHIELD continues its foray into the messy world of LMDs. Despite the questionable gaps in plot, the episode was […]


Agents of SHIELD Segues With The Patriot

by Laura Cerroneon January 18, 2017
Episode 10 – The Patriot   As Agents of SHIELD nears the halfway point of its fourth season, they seemed to finally have grasped the art of the filler episode. While The Patriot was not without fault or plot hole, it managed to bridge the murky territory between one big plot point to the next. […]

Agents of SHIELD Bends Laws for Winter Finale

by Laura Cerroneon December 8, 2016
Episode 8 – Law of Inferno Dynamics  Heavy in scientific exposition and manipulating storylines, the winter finale of Agents of SHIELD marks the closing of the first main plot line in season four.   With Eli Morrow gaining seemingly god-like powers due to his science experiment with the Darkhold, SHIELD scrambles to put together their big […]


Agents of SHIELD is All in on Deals with our Devils

by Laura Cerroneon November 30, 2016
Episode 7 – Deals with our Devils Agents of SHIELD returned from their brief hiatus with the seventh episode of their fourth season. We last left off with Robbie Reyes’ uncle Eli Morrow unleashing the power he had been working on at Momentum Labs all those years ago. What ensued was trapping Coulson, Fitz and […]

Agents of SHIELD Nails Ghost Rider Origin in The Good Samaritan

by Laura Cerroneon November 2, 2016
Did you all watch this episode? Is your jaw still on the floor? Good, keep it there until Agents of SHIELD returns after a few weeks break due to the United States election and Thanksgiving. We’ll get into our review in just a second, but we did want to say HOLY S*#! Marvel has introduced […]


Things Heat Up in Episode 4 of Agents of SHIELD

by Laura Cerroneon October 19, 2016
Episode 4 – Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire This episode was a love letter to the fans with its tremendous amounts of callbacks and parallels. If you’ve beginning with the show since day one, you will have noticed a lot of dynamics and allusions to the often shaky and adolescent freshman season. Instead, […]

Agents of SHIELD has Fun in Uprising

by Laura Cerroneon October 12, 2016
The third episode of the season was proof that Agents of Shield can still produce a standalone episode that still feeds into the grander narrative. While Uprising diverts from ongoing action of the mysteries of the Momentum labs, it still plays into its themes. As Jemma and Radcliffe work to save May’s life due to […]


Meeting the New Director and Darkhold with Agents of SHIELD

by Laura Cerroneon September 28, 2016
Episode 2 – Meet the New Boss It hasn’t hit October yet, but Agents of SHIELD brings the spooky in full effect with their follower to the season premiere. While their opener packed the action punched, the second episode firmly planted a plot that ties in strongly to Doctor Strange, Marvel lore and major shake-ups to […]

Agents of SHIELD Season 4 Premiere – The Ghost

by Laura Cerroneon September 21, 2016
Episode 1 – The Ghost When Agents of SHIELD touted Season 4 as being a lot darker, they were not playing. Titled The Ghost, there was more than just the Ghost Rider haunting this episode. While the plot isn’t clear, there’s plenty of room for the show to run off and create an explosive season. […]