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Preacher Review: A Visit to Hell and New Orleans in “Damsels”

by Jeff Fountainon July 4, 2017
The search for God has taken our fun-loving trio to New Orleans, jazz fan that he is, and we get a backstory for Arseface, including what Hell is like for him. Arseface and his current dilemma are definitely the more interesting of the two story lines, but there are some interesting things that happen in […]

Interview: Ian Colletti talks AMC’s Preacher

by Jeff Fountainon June 23, 2017
Recently we had the chance to talk with actor Ian Colletti who talked with us about AMC’s Preacher ahead of its return for season two. So what was it like auditioning for this role? Ian: Yeah, it was interesting. I wasn’t very familiar with the comics, this project so when I had a character called […]


Into the Badlands Review: Characters Continue to Improve in “Force of Eagle’s Claw”

by Jeff Fountainon March 27, 2017
While there are a lot of things going on in this episode, the main focus is the new bromance going on between Bajie and Sunny. Ok, maybe I wouldn’t go that far, more like comrades in arms. No, that’s not right either. Let’s just say these two have some issues to work out while trying […]

Interview: Actor Nick Frost Talks “Into the Badlands”

by Jeff Fountainon March 14, 2017
First gaining well deserved attention teaming up with Simon Pegg in Shaun of the Dead, Nick Frost has taken his brand of comedic talent and spread it throughout the world of both movies and television. Recently we had a chance to talk to Nick about his life as actor and his work on the second […]


The Walking Dead Review: Rick and Michonne Go to the Carnival in “Say Yes”

by Jeff Fountainon March 5, 2017
As much as I’ve enjoyed the slow build up since The Walking Dead has returned, I think they might have pushed that a little too far this week. In “Say Yes” we learn how close Rick and Michonne really are and how they see the future of their group and the upcoming war with the […]

Fear The Walking Dead – Los Muertos Rundown.

by Marcon August 29, 2016
Nick finds himself in the saftey of the Tijuana safe zone… but how safe is this new haven?

Preacher Episode 6 “He gone”

by Garyon July 11, 2016
The title “He gone,” on the face of it, may seem like it’s talking about Eugene. But it isn’t. Not completely. It’s at least in part talking about Jesse. It turns out Cassidy saw what happened to Eugene, and when he confronts Jesse, the Preacher barely acknowledges it, instead scurrying off to teach a class […]

Preacher “Sundowner” Review

by Garyon July 4, 2016
Sundowner is the most illuminating Preacher episode yet, especially for fans of the show who haven’t read the comic book series on which it’s based. It goes without saying that this review contains spoilers. For those confused by the plot to this point but stuck with the show because it was just so darn cool […]

EXCLUSIVE Trailer for This Sunday’s Preacher

by Garyon June 30, 2016
Have you been following AMC’s Preacher? The cult-classic comic has made a big splash on the small screen, taking Garth Ennis’ mad vision of a Texas holy man and getting it right. The GCE has an exclusive, never before seen preview for this Sunday’s episode, “Sundowner.” Here’s the description for this Sunday’s Episode: Jesse finally comes face […]

AMC Renews Preacher for Season 2 Expands to 13 Episodes

by Garyon June 29, 2016
It’s official. The Preacher has spoken, and the word is good: AMC has renewed the twisted, critically acclaimed, series for a second season, and bumped its episode order to 13 (from season 1’s 10.) This is good news. In my review of the pilot I remarked that I was afraid that the complex plot may turn some […]