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Preacher “Sundowner” Review

by Garyon July 4, 2016
Sundowner is the most illuminating Preacher episode yet, especially for fans of the show who haven’t read the comic book series on which it’s based. It goes without saying that this review contains spoilers. For those confused by the plot to this point but stuck with the show because it was just so darn cool […]

EXCLUSIVE Trailer for This Sunday’s Preacher

by Garyon June 30, 2016
Have you been following AMC’s Preacher? The cult-classic comic has made a big splash on the small screen, taking Garth Ennis’ mad vision of a Texas holy man and getting it right. The GCE has an exclusive, never before seen preview for this Sunday’s episode, “Sundowner.” Here’s the description for this Sunday’s Episode: Jesse finally comes face […]

AMC Renews Preacher for Season 2 Expands to 13 Episodes

by Garyon June 29, 2016
It’s official. The Preacher has spoken, and the word is good: AMC has renewed the twisted, critically acclaimed, series for a second season, and bumped its episode order to 13 (from season 1’s 10.) This is good news. In my review of the pilot I remarked that I was afraid that the complex plot may turn some […]

Preacher Episode “Possibilities” Review

by Garyon June 13, 2016
Preacher episode 2 (it’s all a little confusing; they aren’t counting the pilot as episode 1, so technically the third episode you’ve seen is counted as episode 2. Much like their show, it isn’t straight forward.) is called “Possibilities” though it could easily be subtitled “I Want to Show You Something.” Jesse, following the events […]


AMC’s Preacher Pilot Episode Review

by Garyon May 22, 2016
Preacher, AMC’s new show, based on the cult classic comic series of the same name, by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, has a lot going for it. The source material is second to none, written by an inventive creator at the height of his prowess, stars in Dominic Cooper and Ruth Negga who are familiar […]

AMC Greenlights Comics Documentary by TWD Producers

by Mel Burkeon May 17, 2016
The Walking Dead producers Robert Kirkman and David Alpert will be bringing a new six-part history of comics documentary series to AMC in 2017. Tentatively called “Heroes and Villains: The History of Comic Books,” each one hour segment will explore comics through the lens of pop culture, race, politics, and gender and sexuality while also discussing […]

Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Premiere Review

by Marcon April 11, 2016
The season 2 premiere of FTWD answered the age old question of… can zombies swim or float, the answer will shock you!

The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale Review – Last Day On Earth

by Marcon April 4, 2016
Season 6’s finale gave us everything we wanted, well almost.

The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale Trailer

by Marcon March 25, 2016
Its time to meet Negan and Lucille in the season 6 finale trailer.