Steam OS Revealed

Steam OS Revealed

September 24, 2013 0 By Marc

The Steam OS has been announced and our hearts skipped a beat.

Over the past few years Steam has turned from a simple game downloading/managing program, into one of the cornerstones of the video game industry. If you are not familiar with Steam, it is a digital distribution, game management system, and platform for indie developers to release their games to a large community of gamers. It was developed by Valve Corporation (creators of Half-life and Portal) and released in 2003. Since its initial creation in 2003, Steam has blown up as the #1 digital distribution software for PC gamers and very soon console gamers.

Valve has now decided to put its foot all the way down in the console gaming market with the Steam OS. Steam OS will be a linux based operating system that will allow you to play your games that you downloaded for your PC to be played on your TV. This platform could eventually eliminate the need for your Apple TV or Roku, and possibly Netflix depending on how other media respond to it. Currently with it running on a Linux platform only Linux compatible games will be available to play, but rumors of Linux ports of other non-linux games are around the net already.

One very interesting thing that has come with the Steam OS is that it will not cost you a thing to use or download. The software will be free to download and install, and no additional cost will be passed on to the user when using the streaming service to their TV. Valve has once again created something with the gamer in mind, and is taking Steam in a very interesting direction. All this information is quite new, so as soon as we get more, you will see it here.