Party Characters All Kids Will Enjoy

Party Characters All Kids Will Enjoy

January 2, 2020 0 By Steph Mernagh

What children’s party is complete without a theme, and what can make a theme better than a live character beloved by the kids attending the party? There are few ways to make a kid’s day better than the arrival of a favorite character come to life and attending that child’s party.

However, you don’t have to spring for a licensed character or ask a professional performer to travel cross-country to attend your party. There are party characters for hire all over the US and beyond.

Cartoon Character Royalty
Princes and Princesses are the rulers of more than their respective kingdoms. Having a Princess or Prince-themed party is sure to spark joy in the hearts of every attendee, large or small. Having an actual Princess attend, however, can make that party a treasured memory for all involved.

Whether you choose to hire a performer with an original character or one that has managed to secure a license is up to you – make sure to inquire about past experiences, references, and any additional skills. Some princesses may dress up and offer photo ops. Others could set up games and offer face painting services or sing-alongs. Not every princess has the same skill set, and not every character comes with the same price tag so make sure to shop around and get the best deal – but make sure they are known to be reliable!

Kids need to have healthy, positive role models. A superhero could neatly fill one of these roles early on. Nearly as popular as a party princess, a superhero can save the day when a party is about to head south. Many superhero character actors not only arrive ready to power-pose and with a gamut of inspirational catchphrases and quotes, but they can also do magic or have another party trick up their sleeve.

Again, what you’re looking for when it comes to entertainment should be available, but be sure to ask. Not every character performer has the same on offer.

Mad Scientists
If you’re looking for entertainment that’s a little more interactive and comes with a show you haven’t seen a hundred times, a Mad Scientist character could liven up your party. Not only can this character entertain, but they might also help your child craft their souvenirs or help a small group make DIY party favors with science. This option can be both fun and educational, and will save you on having to purchase party favors or loot bags.

A Zookeeper, Dinosaur Hunter, or Other Animal Wrangler
Maybe the average petting zoo scene appeals to the kid or kids you’re designing this party for. If so, a “Zookeeper” or another similar character could arrive with all kinds of animals for the kids to interact with.

However, the target audience might not be into ponies or other fluffy critters. If this is the case, have you considered dinosaurs? Some character entertainers can bring along a scaly petting zoo with snakes, lizards, and more. Add to this a bit of acting, and the entertainer’s unique skills and the kids attending the party should be wholly entranced for the few hours you’ve hired the entertainer to be there.