Marvel Coffee is Real and the Verdict is Delicious

Marvel Coffee is Real and the Verdict is Delicious

December 7, 2015 0 By Laura Cerrone

Several months ago a press release crossed my desk that I couldn’t pass over. The release discussed a new marketing avenue for Marvel; coffee and hot chocolate. The franchise teamed up with White Coffee Company on creating several limited edition boxes of coffee and hot chocolate. I wrote about the release back in July.

Then at New York Comic Con I met the good folks managing the White Coffee Company and Marvel coffee booth across from Marvel’s main setup. The crew passed out samples and allowed con attendees to ogle at the gorgeous box designs. Most of the Avengers are represented in the selection. There is Iron Man’s “Stark French Roast,” Spider-Man’s “Daily Bugle Breakfast Blend,” Captain America’s “Shield Hazelnut”, Avengers Fat-Free Hot Chocolate and the Incredible Hulk’s “Gamma Espresso Roast.” I’ve never written about food outside of my Yelp page, and most of those reviews are wrapped up in one word responses like ‘yum’ and ‘magical,’ but here’s giving it my all on a truly unique idea.

Box of Marvel java

When I opened the box up it was like opening the gates to heaven.

The opportunity to try each brew became a reality for me, and I spent a few weeks waking up with a different pod in my Keurig machine, to the sweet smells of coffee at the press of a button. On the first day I started with the Daily Bugle Breakfast Blend, and I poured it into my travel mug as I finished getting ready in the morning. I added in my favorite seasonal creamer and waited until it cooled off enough to give it a taste. The smoke fogged up my glasses as I lifted the mug to my face and I was met with the perfect compliment to a chilly New York morning. You know how all those people in coffee commercials look super put together and happy, despite it being an early morning? I felt like one of those people. The coffee reminded me to sit back in my chair for a few minutes and enjoy this stolen peace in what would be a busy workday. The best thing about this coffee may be that there are no radioactive spiders hidden in it.




The next coffee I tried was the Stark’s French Roast. After the first sip, I knew this would be my preferred blend of the bunch. First, the blend hits you with signature darkness, prepping your palette for the subtle sweetness familiar of French roasts. That taste is the lasting one on the top of your tongue, and it follows down your throat for post-drink bliss. As my personal preference of dark roasts, this coffee excelled.

iron man

Captain America’s Shield Hazelnut smells heavenly. And true to the characterization of Steve Rogers, there is something undeniably pure and wholesome with this one. It is light and fragrant, but not overpowering. The coffee leads you into your day (or when you’re grabbing a second or third cup). Hazelnut is such a pleasant flavor for any time of the year, and it definitely went will the cold fall mornings I enjoyed it on.

captain america coffee

For the Avenger’s Hot Chocolate, I was a bit perplexed as to why it’s fat free. I never want chocolate fat free. If I’m having chocolate, I indulge. While the hot chocolate has a lighter taste for certain, it actually opened up a brilliant idea for me. Missing the decadence my palette yearns for, I opened up Pinterest and turned for some ways to spice it up, as its lightness would make it a superb base, and it did. My favorite build upon the hot chocolate was adding RumChata, dairy cream distilled rum and topping with marshmallows. That recipe is obviously for adults, but the fat free blend will work just as fine for kids (sans alcohol, obviously), because they will certainly be happy enough to dunk their favorite Christmas cookies in it.

spider man brew

The last of the bunch is The Incredible Hulk’s Gamma Espresso Roast, and, it is the only one I can say I didn’t enjoy. But let me preface this, I am a huge espresso snob, and pretty much the worst kind there is. I had my first cup of espresso ever in Italy, and strictly drink imported espresso. I drink it really strong, and the Gamma Espresso Roast is perfect for those who don’t need a shot of jet fuel to function (like me), but enjoy something sweeter in their espresso. If that sounds like you, totally go for it.

incredible hulk gamma

I mentioned earlier about the box design, and you’ve gotten to see through my pictures how stunning the box art is. The art on the Limited Edition Spider-Man is glorious, but all the boxes will have you second-guessing whether to toss them in the recycle. Don’t! I’ve put all the boxes on display (and filled them with things I want to keep but have no reason too… we all have those).

What also should be noted is that these coffees and the hot chocolate won’t be around forever, and now that you and everyone else knows about them, they are sure to go quick (especially the limited editor Spider-Man). White Coffee Company’s coffee is also recognized by Fair Trade, USDA Organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified, and their headquarters are LEED certified, so you know you’re supporting superheroic efforts with their coffee. K-Cups may not be the most environmentally friendly ways to get your coffee fix, but, there are plenty of DIY projects with them, and will less the burden they have on landfills.

And now, the part of this article that you have been waiting and salivating for, the part I answer about where you can buy. To which I respond, click here and GO CRAZY. I don’t have to tell you that these will make an awesome Christmas/birthday/Hanukkah present, because they totally do. Now get going!

spider-man coffee