It’s the Age of the Wicked for the Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade

It’s the Age of the Wicked for the Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade

April 20, 2015 0 By Steph Mernagh

The writer and artist of The Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade: Age of the Wicked have never met, but they have a close working relationship on the graphic novel that they both love. Writer David Lucarelli who lives in Hollywood has teamed up with artist Henry Ponciano of the Philippines to bring this gothic adventure comic to life. The comic, inspired by the real life Gorbals vampire incident has even been called “Buffy meets S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders” by critics.

The pair have taken to Kickstarter in order to raise funds for the cost of printing and publishing the second graphic novel in the three-part series titled “Age of the Wicked”.

After finding resounding success in the first volume of the graphic novel, the pair aim to print a 98-page graphic novel for their second volume, boasting a story and artwork that is heavily atmospheric and done in shaded black and white art.

The synopsis gives us a good idea of what the second volume will be about, without giving too much away; In this second graphic novel Gavin and Doug, the Scottish teenage delinquents who fell into being a part of the Vampire Hunting Brigade dive full throttle into the fight as the vampire threat escalates.They come to America seeking a new recruit for the Brigade unaware that evil forces are secretly pulling their strings.

Don’t want to jump into the middle of the story? Don’t fret: David and Henry have got you covered by bringing you a brand new story as well as a one page synopsis of what happened previously so that you don’t feel left behind or wondering what you may have missed. In addition, the pair are offering the first 38 pages of the first volume for free online (you can read it here).

Are you loving the idea of the graphic novel so far? A $35 reward level actually allows you to get both volume one and two as well as previous reward perks, so it would be something to look into if David and Henry have your attention. Make sure you check out their Kickstarter; they have two weeks left to collect the funds needed to go to print.