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Everyday Cosplay: Wonder Woman

by on January 12, 2013

What is Everyday Cosplay?
It was super cute of you to go to the grocery store dressed as Batman when you were four-years-old, but these days dressing as your favourite comic book, TV or film character in everyday situations isn’t all that practical; even when you’re a professional superhero, you’re bound to attract some unwanted attention from the general public. So what’s a geek to do? Introducing… Everyday Cosplay! This is when I take the key elements of your favourite character’s costumes, and transform them into super chic outfits that are up-to-date with current fashion trends.

WONDER WOMAN OUTFIT: Banjo & Matilda Star-Intarsia Cashmere Sweater, Romy & Michelle Pleated Skirt, Cuba Shoes Nite, White ‘Bang’ Stitch Purse, Rose Gold Star Cuff, Wonder Woman Logo Necklace, Small Star Stud Earrings

EXTRA FOR EXPERTS:  Featured below are various articles of Wonder Woman clothing. We have hand picked a selection of adorable tees, pretty tops and other miscellaneous items including jewelry, shoes, undies, a super cute pair of pj’s and a sexy Wonder Woman apron just for you! So why not add a little bit of girl power to your outfit?


WONDER WOMAN T-SHIRTS: Retro Wonder Woman Tee, Wonder Woman Bombshell Tee, Retro Purple Wonder Woman Tee, Wonder Woman Logo Shirt

WONDER WOMAN TOPS: Wonder Woman Top, Grey Wonder Woman Top, Retro Wonder Woman Baseball Shirt

OTHER WONDER WOMAN ITEMS/ACCESSORIES: Wonder Woman Tote Bag, Wonder Woman Superhero Pajama Set, Wonder Woman Boyshort Underwear, Wonder Woman Apron, DC Comics Wonder Woman Converse Shoes, Wonder Woman Bracelet, Wonder Woman Symbol Necklace

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