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3 Easy DIY Geek Home Décor Projects

by on May 9, 2014

Are you a geek and proud? Do you proudly display your geekness in your home, or hide your geeky items in the bedroom? I myself display it loud and proud. My apartment is donned with movie posters from all of my favorites and statues from games and comics that I love.

Lately it’s been easier and easier to get the geekiest of home décor, with sites such as ThinkGeek,com, which has the wonderful tech that can make your life easier and stylish, as well as, which has great handmade items anyone would love. Geek décor can be anything from posters, prints, statues or more! Depends on your creativity and quite possibly your budget, I’m going to go over 3 quick DIY geek décor projects for you to try and enjoy! These projects are not only light on your wallet and they are easy to do!

Comic Book Table



– Old coffee table that could use a facelift.
– Krylon Spray Paint color of choice.
– 2 or 3 old comics you don’t mind using the pages of. (I know this may be painful for some of you as it does require literally tearing up a comic book and using the pages. It hurt me too, so what I did was go to a half priced book store and basically got 2-3 comics that I’ve either already had or had read but didn’t care to own. I chose 2 JLA comics for this one.)
– Spray Glue or glue stick.
– Clear lacquer spray paint.


1. Take your old beat up coffee table and if your table is not already the base color you would like then spray paint your table the desired color. Always use spray paint outdoors and follow all safety instructions. I like to use Krylon Spray Paint because it always coats evenly and looks great, but feel free to use the brand you trust.

2. Once table is painted and dry align your comics how you would like them to be on your table. This is where it can be fun! Either use whole pages or make a collage. Feel free to cover all surfaces if you wish, I chose to do more of a framed look on the table above.

3. Take the spray glue and lightly spray over the surface after sprayed apply your comics in place. You may also use a glue stick, as long as the pages are on the table and won’t move.

4. After the comics are applied and the table is not sticky from the glue it’s time to apply your clear lacquer spray paint. Hold up very high above table and lightly spray over the comics. I used 3-4 layers of this before I felt it was sealed to my liking.

5. Enjoy and wait for compliments!

Geeky Coasters


– 4”x4” white ceramic tiles 4-8 depending on how many you need.
– Glue Stick and super glue (epoxy is good too)
– Clear acrylic spray paint
– Brush
– Scissors
– Rubber mat or cork board sheet
– Pictures printed on paper, comic strips or pictures from comics you don’t mind tearing up. Or anything you think would be fun to put on your coasters. I printed out the different symbols of superheroes and used those to match my comic book table.


1. First print or obtain the images you will be using for your coasters. I printed mine out and cut them just slightly smaller than the size of the coaster. For example coasters are 4”x4” and I sized and printed the images to be 3.75”x3.75”. You could also print the image larger than coaster size and wrap around the edges. For that option print the image at 5”x5”.

2. Apply the image to the coaster with either spray glue or a glue stick.

3. Once the glue is dry take your clear acrylic spray paint and placing the nozzle up and above the tiles lightly coating it so at to no over moisten the paper. After the first layer dries go back over the coasters with at least 2 other coats till you feel it’s sealed.

4. Cut the cork board/rubber foam sheet to 3.75”x3.75” squares cut an equal amount to your coasters. For example if you have 4 coasters cut out 4 cork/rubber squares.

5. Using super glue or epoxy glue the rubber/cork squares to the bottom of the tile for better traction and protection when it’s on a table.

Personalized Doormats


– Natural Doormat or you can use a green or black AstroTurf doormat as well.
– Stencil of desired design which can usually be found for free on the internet.
– Spray paint, and/or acrylic paint of choice. (If you want to make the mat another color in the background, use spray paint to coat and sponge over the stencil with acrylic paint.)


1. Print out desired stencil from the internet, you can use your favorite super hero logo, saying or even draw and make your own stencil! It’s all up to you!

2. Prepare doormat for stencils, meaning if you have a natural doormat and want to make it black, or any other color first you want to do a base coat. Cover the entire mat with spray paint for darker colors or in general you want do to 3-4 coats all over making sure you spray the mat from all angels to me able to get the very bottom of the mat and all fibers covered.

3. Once mat dries from base coat or if you are going to use the natural background, you set the stencil over the mat and begin to paint the stencil in the mat. Either spray paint or acrylic paint will be good to transfer the image. Using acrylics and applying a heavy coat of paint will help the longevity of the design.

4. Allow to dry and Enjoy!

This article was written for publication on the GCE by Jenni Sniffen

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