GCE Exclusive: Interview with Kyle Schmid

GCE Exclusive: Interview with Kyle Schmid

January 13, 2014 3 By Steph Mernagh

Actor Kyle Schmid has joined the cast of Lost Girl as seen in last nights episode “Destiny’s Child”, in an incredibly important role.

If you haven’t caught up with the latest Lost Girl episodes yet, read no further! This article contains spoilers as to who exactly Kyle is playing on the show.

Some months back, we were able to visit the Lost Girl set during the filming of the end of season 4. We caught up with some of the actors, including newcomer Kyle Schmid, whom some of you may recognize from Copper or Being Human. We not only talked about Lost Girl, but sci-fi, his work with David Cronenberg, and what’s coming up next for the young Canadian.

What can you tell us about your character on Lost Girl?

Well, I play a character called Rainer. From how he’s been explained to me, he was banished for leading a rebellion against the dark and the Fae world and the divide between good and evil. When Rainer is killed, he becomes the Wanderer and he’s sentenced by the Blood King to drive a train that carries souls to and from Valhalla. He’s spent thousands of years driving this train.

Actor Kyle Schmid Image Source: IMDB

Actor Kyle Schmid
Image Source: IMDB

What attracted you to the role?

For one, I love the sci-fi world. I have done a lot of sci-fi in the past and it’s a genre that can be very good to you. Fans are always very loyal and we [as actors] are very thankful for that. But, I like the show and the character was strong and he’s been mentioned in the show now for two years. So to come in and have this background and importance as a character was very cool. I consider it an honour that they wanted me and could trust me in that role. It’s going to be interesting to see where it goes.

Have you always been a fan of Lost Girl?

I know a lot of people on the show. I’ve seen a few episodes but I’m catching up now. It’s such a talented group of people and they were people that I wanted to work with.

Was there anyone in particular you were excited to meet when you came to set?

No one person in particular. I had always heard about how sweet Anna is and how wonderful she is to work with. I had known Kris for a couple years and KC Collins has been a good friend of mine for a long time. We shot a pilot together a couple of years ago. Ksenia, she and I shot my first TV show together when I was twelve and she was maybe nine or ten. I think it’s neat how we are all intertwined in one way or another.

Looking back at the work that you’ve done in the sci-fi genre including Being Human and then how you went to Copper, do you feel more comfortable in the sci-fi genre over other work you’ve done?

Not particularly. I have a sense of loyalty towards it [sci-fi] though because it has given me so much opportunity. I love Copper. It was an incredible show to be a part of from the writing to the characters. It was so gritty and grimy and it was a nice break from a lot of what is on television nowadays. But in saying that, I love how far as an actor you can physically and mentally push yourself when it comes to sci-fi stuff. I think it’s some of the most challenging work because you have to have that ability to convince yourself that it’s all real. A lot of people don’t like to do that because they can’t. I grew up loving sci-fi and that whole world; it was what I watched. For me it is a natural place to be. I feel very comfortable.

Kyle Schmid in "Copper" Image Source: IMDB

Kyle Schmid in “Copper”
Image Source: IMDB

Is it harder to research and establish characters in a sci-fi setting or a period piece (such as Copper)?

You know, it’s quite the opposite. A piece like Copper is a lot of research because of the time period you have to look at the voice and the rhythm of speech whereas sci-fi is mostly in my own head. It’s my imagination playing the character. It’s creating him from scratch, along with the help of the writers, who may I say are amazing. You fall asleep dreaming one night and your mind races and your imagination takes over and you dream these amazing dreams—in the sci-fi world you can make that a reality.

Do you have a vision in your head right now of how your character (Rainer/The Wanderer) might be like?

I have. Then the writers will either tell me I’m completely wrong, or that I’m on the right track. That’s what you do—you have to build their past, their history, their physique and you bring them to life every day.

You’ve worked with David Cronenberg in the past [on The History of Violence], can you tell us about that experience?

David is wonderful. Gosh, I must have been about seventeen at the time. It was really my first experience to work with someone with such an amazing reputation. As eccentic as David is, and has this reputation of being this gore-master, he is by far one of the sweetest gentlemen I think I have ever worked with. He is so kind, gentle and soft. I think he has a way with people and I think that’s how he manages to get the performances out of people that he does. He’s a comfortable person to be around and he was incredibly kind to me. Hopefully I can work with him again in the future.

Is there anyone that immediately comes to mind as someone you’d like to work with in the future?

So many! That’s one of those questions that you answer and then walk away and five minutes later you’re like “Oh, I should have said this person!” I would love to work Jack Nicholson. Michael J Fox too; he was one of my heroes growing up. I would love to be in a season of Breaking Bad. When you love what you do and you’re so lucky to have something where work and play are very similar at times, you never want to stop. You never want to limit yourself. Who wouldn’t I like to work with would be a much shorter list.

Kyle Schmid in "Being Human"  Image Source: IMDB

Kyle Schmid in “Being Human”
Image Source: IMDB

Where do you see yourself next? Do you want to stay in television, move into more movies?

I just signed up to do two movies, actually. One with April Mullin and then I signed on to do quite an epic film that we will be shooting in Malta at the end of October. I can’t say much more on that! After that, I am going to look at some pilots. I love television simply because it allows you to build a family. You work for six or eight months at a time and once you get into that groove, the family is what makes your work that much more interesting and gratifying. You have people at work that you truly love and care about and that’s something that in film you don’t have as much time to build those relationships. But I like TV, and the writing nowadays and how things have changed in the cable world where they are producing these huge shows—some of which I think are better than films coming out.

Is there a show on TV now that you think you’d want to be a part of?

Mad Men. I would love to do an arc on Mad Men.

Thank you, Kyle! You can keep up with him on Twitter: @iamkyleschmid and of course in Lost Girl!