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The Nintendo Switch, Is It Worth It?

by on July 26, 2017

The Nintendo Switch was released last March and since then they have been a nightmare to obtain. Thousands and thousands of people preordered a Switch way back when, which was the smartest choice you could’ve made, because now you can’t find them on retailer’s websites or in brick and mortar stores. Yeah, you could get one off of or but do you really want to spend $100+ on just the console? Is it really worth the extra money and/or all the time you put into trying to find one?

I’m here to tell you my experience with getting the Switch and to tell you if it’s worth it.

I didn’t preorder the Switch. I wasn’t sure if I wanted it. I already own a Nintendo 3DS and a Wii U so what’s the point of getting the Switch? It’s as if the 3DS and Wii U had a baby and out popped the Switch. So, I waited. A month or two passed and I found out my friends had gotten one. I had never saw one in person, because most stores in my area don’t even have ones on display, and I was curious to check it out. I wasn’t about to drop $300 on something I couldn’t play with beforehand. I played Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with them, which I already own on the Wii U (another reason why I didn’t care for the Swtich). It was fun and I really liked how I was able to play 2 player with my friend so easily. I enjoyed the weight to the Switch, it just feels nice in your hands! Another month passed by and I discovered another one of my friends got one. I’ll be honest, at this point I started getting FOMO (fear of missing out) and after playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild for a short period on her Switch, I decided to go for it and buy one.

I asked her how in the world she got hers since every retailer was sold out and she told me she called some Best Buys in the area and asked when they’d be getting a shipment, once she had a solid answer she just went on the Sunday morning before they opened. She told me there were a few people already waiting when she got there. So, I was on a mission. I called a few different Best Buys and Targets day after day with no luck. One Sunday my (awesome) friend and I went to Best Buy before opening and… got nothing but the employee telling us to come back next Sunday. We spent the rest of the day driving store to store looking for them and still, nothing.

After calling, watching websites like (a website which tells you what store has certain items in stock), and even searching and getting oh so close to buying a used one on the Facebook Marketplace I finally caught a break. One of the GameStops we went to was kind enough to take my phone number and put me on a list where they would call me when they had one available. A week after our day searching they called me and let me know they had a bundle I could order over the phone on their website. It was more money than I had originally wanted to spend, but it did come with the console, two physical games, DLC, joy-con wheels and a downloadable game. I would have to wait even longer because it would be getting shipped to me but I decided “what the heck, I’m doing it!” and went for it.

Fast forward give or take two weeks.

I had finally got one! I opened it up, set up my account and popped in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. And was it worth it? All the wait, effort and being on hold for a painstaking amount of time, just to get Zelda on the Switch instead of the Wii U.

Yep, it totally was worth it.

The graphics on the Switch are amazing. The fact that you can take it anywhere and plug it into almost any TV is such an awesome concept. I enjoy the feel of it, although at the same time it feels a little big to me personally but that obviously changes from person to person. I also personally don’t like the motion control. I purchased Splatoon 2 when it came out and it uses the motion control quite a lot. Fortunately you can turn it off in the settings.

Overall, it’s a beautiful console that was a pain in the butt to get my hands on and now that I have it, I can’t take my hands off it.

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