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Marvel Slot Games – Any Cop?

by on March 12, 2015

Any self-confessed Marvel comic book fan is likely to feel circumspect when it comes to online slots games that bear such an iconic theme; after all, how do you live up to the greatness of characters such as Iron Man, Black Widow and Captain America in gambling form? Can the world of online games hold its own in such inimitable company or do the bright lights of the online casino ruin all that Marvel genius?

Marvel comics were first released in 1963, becoming an instant hit with their dynamic characters and action-packed adventures. Now, Marvel films are gracing our screens with first-rate Hollywood actors such as Robert Downey Junior and Chris Evans taking on the gargantuan roles of our heroes. So how do the new kids on the block – online casinos like – handle the larger-than-life heroes and make them work in their slots games, without destroying the overall atmosphere?

Firstly, just like in the comics and the films, there is plenty of choice available when it comes to Marvel-themed games. And like their cinematic counterparts, online casinos can make use of state of the art technology and game design to provide an atmospheric backdrop against which to play. Packed with animations, intro movies, and bonus features galore – and with some of the material taken directly from hit movies, the essence of the original comic is skillfully adhered to and can be made just as dramatic in an online games setting.

The slots take on a character or a group of characters at a time and build an exciting game around their central hero. The games focus on multi-layered entertainment, but also the ability to win real money and this makes for some exciting online action. Each slot has a number of prizes to play for, with all the possible prizes clearly laid out on the payout table. This is a great feature, as it’s always nice to know the stakes you’re playing for up front! Marvel games available at include Daredevil, Avengers Slots, and Fantastic Four slots – and they each have four different jackpots to play for, as well as standard payouts and prizes.

Prizes on Marvel slots include fixed jackpots, progressive jackpots, multipliers, and instant cash prizes, and added extras include free spins, wilds, sticky wilds and scatters, as well as bonus games. For those of you completely new to the world of online slots games, here’s a short glossary to help you understand these terms:

Fixed Jackpot – a set jackpot amount that you can win by hitting a specific combination on the reels.

Progressive Jackpot – an ever-increasing jackpot that is linked across several machines. The jackpot has an initial seed amount, but after that its prize money keeps growing every time a player bets into the optional progressive side bet.

The amount won by a player is the amount showing on the jackpot counter at the time of winning; the progressive then returns to its base amount and starts accumulating again right away.

Multipliers – a prize that multiplies your initial stake. E.g. a player that stakes $10 and wins a multiplier of 10x will receive a $100 payout.

Free Spins – you can win free spins of the reels, at no extra cost, but you still keep the prizes.

Wilds & Sticky Wilds – a symbol that substitutes any other symbol on the reels to give you more chance to make up winning combinations. Sticky wilds stay on the reels for a few spins, aiding your game for longer.

In addition to the money incentive, the Marvel slots that are available online are lots of fun to play. There’s much more to the games than just spinning the reels.

You have multiple chances to interact with extra mini games and movie snippets – which can also earn extra prizes including on the spot cash – and you can enjoy plenty of variety within your game.

So are Marvel slots any cop? We reckon yes – they’re action-packed, fun, and offer cinematic standard animations as you play. You can win real money (who doesn’t like the sound of that?) and you can immerse yourself in the world of your favourite Marvel heroes – all in the comfort of your own home. So long as you watch what you spend, what’s not to like?

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  • April 1, 2015 at 11:27 am

    Marvel slots are my favorite, and trust me when I say, my son and I have are both addicted to the slots. They are genuinely action packed and Mike and I, can just go without food and water playing the slot. Long live Marvel!!

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