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Batman Arkham Origins for iOs

by on October 22, 2013

Prove your worth as Gotham’s Dark Knight when you face-off against a slew of ruthless assassins and their thugs in Batman Arkham Origins!

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Apple Operating System (iOs)


One night to kill the Bat.

I downloaded this game about a week ago when it was first available. I was happy that it was free but knew that like most new games these days on the App Store that it would be a “freemium” game. Free to play but you would have to pay real money to get premium items or in game currency like donuts in the ubiquitous Simpsons: Tapped Out. Thankfully, this game is good enough to enjoy without spending real money.


The style of this game is a straight up brawler with you playing Batman while you try to take back Gotham one section at a time from a few select villains that have put out a contract on Batman’s life. They have enlisted the help of a seemingly endless amount of thugs for you to beat up. Each section of the city, four in all, must be taken by beating up a succession of thugs and eventually a main villain. The game play is simple; the map will show current missions, touch on the mission, go there and beat the thugs. You just tap the screen and Batman will punch and kick. No detective work unfortunately. You will earn Xp and money for each mission after which you can upgrade Batman’s skills and purchase new batsuits and other gadgets. It’s pretty straight forward and boring at first but combat gets complicated when boss characters start showing up and you have to deal with fast combos and power struggles. You can also string together lengthy combos of your own and “buy” more devastating special attacks. The special attacks become available based on if you are in a defensive stance or an offensive stance and they all have a cooldown time associated with them. Also, there is good variety of passive skills for you to upgrade which are always active. The graphics in this game are actually very good and the loading screens are surprisingly short.

The only real downside I can see in this game is Batman’s stamina scale. Each mission costs a certain amount of stamina and Batman only starts off with ten bars. In the details of the mission it will state the stamina cost, say three bars. After all of Batman’s stamina is depleted Alfred will appear and tell you that you need to rest for the night, good old Alfred. The cooldown time for each bar of stamina is only seven minutes but you can fill up stamina bars by using your purchased currency. This could potentially ruin the fun of the game in the later missions if the stamina cost becomes too exorbitant.

Then again, the battles tend to get longer and harder as they get more difficult so in reality Batman would probably need some time to rest after fighting Bane and Deathstroke in the same night. I just prefer to wait a half hour or so and then do a couple more missions at this point.


All things considered this is a really fun and entertaining game even if you don’t spend money on it and a great way to tide you over until the console version is released.


+ Great graphics

+ Easy controls
+ It's Batman!


- "freemium" game

- Repetitive

- Cooldown time

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