Super Mario Maker Review

by EVAon October 13, 2015
Super Mario Maker is another opportunity for Nintendo to delve into the nostalgic archives and shifts Mario into the new world of level creation. It’s a savvy move that capitalise on the popularity born from Kaizo Mario, a Super Mario World hack filled with intensely difficult levels that the Let’s Play community delved into in droves. […]

Splatoon Review: Stay Fresh

by EVAon June 20, 2015
My time playing competitive shooters lasted about one hour. It was one hour because I have very simple criteria when it comes to videogames — the most primary of those being: am I having fun? I had gotten a copy of Call of Duty from a friend and decided to see what the fuss was […]


Child of Light Review

by Michael MacPhersonon May 28, 2014
Ubisoft has crafted one of the most interesting new games on the market and can really only be described with only two words — beautiful art.