Batman: Arkham Knight Review: Style Without Substance

by Emilia Cowanon July 19, 2015
Gotham is dark and full of terrors. A city of fear awaits the ever stoic Batman in Batman: Arkham Knight. Scarecrow hides behind an army of mercenaries led by the Arkham Knight and Batman must use extreme force to stop them. From suit to batmobile, Batman is faster and stronger than ever before. Arkham Knight […]

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review

by Marcon May 22, 2015
The Witcher 3 delivers, and it is jaw dropping. (SPOILERS INSIDE)


Assassins Creed: Unity Review

by Marcon November 26, 2014
At long last our Assassins Creed: Unity review.

The Last of Us Remastered Review

by EVAon August 10, 2014
There is a reason that The Last of Us won over 200 Game of the Year awards from various media outlets. A PlayStation exclusive, The Last of Us took the post-apocalyptic genre to the next level last June with its combination of action-adventure gameplay within a survival/horror framework. Couple that with the indelible performance by Troy Baker, who voiced Joel, and […]


inFamous: Second Son Review

by EVAon June 14, 2014
One of the first Playstation 4 exclusives, inFamous: Second Son needed to live up to a lot of hype in order to be successful.

Watch Dogs Review

by Michael MacPhersonon June 4, 2014
The city is your weapon. Watch Dogs has been a highly anticipated title from Ubisoft Montreal (creators of the always fantastic Assassin’s Creed series) for quite a while now. Unveiled at E3 in 2012 and then in 2013 in a full demo, it immediately sparked the eventual fires of anticipation and gamers worldwide couldn’t wait […]


Fable Anniversary Review

by Kaitlyn Smithon April 16, 2014
Since its initial release in 2004, Fable has held a dear place in the hearts of many Xbox, PC and Mac gamers alike. A decade later, Lionhead has rereleased the first title in the series, dubbed Fable Anniversary, in full HD complete with a few other upgrades. WHAT’S NEW TO FABLE? Fable Anniversary‘s storyline remains […]

The Lego Movie Videogame Review

by Marcon February 22, 2014
Everything is awesome!


Tomb Raider Definitive Edition Review

by Michael MacPhersonon February 9, 2014
Lara Croft has never looked better.

Ryse: Son of Rome Review

by EVAon December 23, 2013
The (Roman) Empire Strikes Back.