Final Fantasy 14 – New Update, New Class, New Job!

Final Fantasy 14 – New Update, New Class, New Job!

June 15, 2014 0 By Marc

E3 2014 wasn’t only about new games, but also updates to the existing ones.

Final Fantasy 14 has had a rough life as an MMO. Its first inception in 2010 was met with a lot of criticism and backlash that almost doomed the game completely. In 2013 Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn was released to replace FF14 due to all the negative reviews it had gotten. Since the release of the revised game the player base has grown, and the reviews have been favorable.

This year at E3 SquareEnix released two new trailers for the upcoming 3.3 patch. This new patch will include new bosses to fight, and a new class/job for players to take advantage of. The new class is a Rogue, a dual wielding melee class, and the job is ninja which will play like the rogue, but also rely on magic based attacks as well.

This is all great news for the players for FF14:ARR, especially with news of an expansion on the horizon as well.

Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn’s Patch 2.3 is expected to launch on July 8, 2014.