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The Walking Dead Review: Poor Dialogue and Missed Opportunities in ‘The Big Scary U’

by on November 20, 2017


This is one of those incredibly frustrating episodes, you know the ones, where there was so much potential for something great and it was completely flushed down the toilet. With some of the dialogue that characters were forced to spew out this week, I’m now convinced the show is being run by a bunch of teenagers. I really don’t know how else to explain some of the things I hear people say this week.

For the most part, the episode cuts back and forth between the Saviors, coming apart at the seams without Negan, and then Negan and Gabriel surrounded by the undead. The meeting of the Saviors takes place before Rick and company hit them and released the horde on the Sanctuary. Watching this group trying to keep it together without Negan, the feeling at this point is he’s dead, was humorous and fun. I’m so glad they kept Xander Berkley around as Gregory because the show needs this little weasel for some relief. His back and forth with Simon was great, even if they were forced to spit out some unbelievably bad dialogue.

Steven Ogg is being wasted on this show as he has become as frightening, or even more so than Negan. The way he talks and delivers his lines is fantastic and it makes the other actor’s jobs so much easier when you have someone like that to play off of. Dwight and Eugene also have their moments but I’m wondering how no one knows about what Dwight has been up to and why no one has smacked Eugene upside the head and told him to start making sense. Sure, he’s a smart guy but the writers have gone a bit overboard in terms of his convoluted dialogue.

After a couple of episodes, we finally get back to Gabriel and Negan and they’re predicament. When the scene first started between these two I thought my theory about Gabriel was about to come true, that being he was a Savior. Alas, that was not the case and instead, we initially got a lot of crude, idiotic sounding dialogue (again) from Negan. The toilet humor seems to do Negan in this week as Gabriel never seems that afraid of him. Both men have moments of confession, Gabriel about what he did to his flock and Negan with his real wife before the apocalypse, but it all comes off kind of flat. Even when they escape there is never the feeling that they were going to die, especially Negan, so in the end, I have to wonder what the point was. Maybe when Eugene visits Gabriel in his cell he is suffering from being bit? Who knows, and really, do we care?

We also get to check in on Rick and Daryl, who instead of securing the guns decide to have a ‘boys will by boys’ moment and fight it out to settle their differences. In the middle of their dust-up, they lose all the guns as the car explodes and I have to say, the look on their faces was priceless. I’m hoping the turmoil between these two drives a wedge between the good guys, thus creating some real drama, but I doubt that will be the case. I’m guessing Rick is on his way to see the Garbage Pail people but I’m not sure. I am curious about the helicopter that flew overhead, though. Government? New players? That could be interesting.

In the end, The Walking Dead shot itself in the foot again, taking some real moments of possibilities and ruining them with idiotic decisions, childish dialogue and taking the easy way out. Nothing much to see here, people. Move along.

Three stars out of five


- Steven Ogg and Xander Berkley are wonderful yet again

- Great to watch the bickering between the Saviors without Negan around to hold it together


- Incredibly bad dialogue, over and over again

- Some real chances for conflict and division were wasted

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Bottom Line

After last week's solid episode I was expecting a bit of a letdown but I didn't expect to be watching a show seemingly written by teenagers...about teenagers. Wasted opportunities are beginning to be the norm on this show and that isn't a good thing.

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