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The Walking Dead Review: ‘The King, The Widow, And Rick’ is Consistently Inconsistent

by on November 27, 2017


The Walking Dead is sometimes the victim of its own success, with far too many storylines to follow and not enough time to do it right. Cutting corners seems logical except for the fact that, especially this year, too many things make no sense and too many characters are just making dumb decisions. It wasn’t all bad this week but it wasn’t that great, either.

The main problem this week, besides the above-mentioned issues, was the ‘been there, done that’ feel to the storylines. Carl making a new friend and showing him how dumb he can still be, Carol taking a boy into the woods (she just doesn’t have a great track record with kids), people blowing other people up, rescues with no real explanation to how they ended up happening…revisiting old stories is bad enough but when you add some incredibly lazy writing on top of that it gets downright tedious.

There was a great scene between Carol and Ezekiel that was definitely the highlight of the episode. It was emotional, powerful, and showed the connection Carol has forged with the fallen king. I understand the reasons that Ezekiel is feeling the way he is but here’s hoping Carol’s little talk was enough to light a fire under his ass and get him to stop moping and get busy leading again.

I would like to know why Rick thought going to see the Trash Can People on his own was a great idea. They already turned on him and the group so how could they be trusted? Sure enough, even after showing them the proof via pictures of what they had done to the Saviors, they declined to switch sides, again, and Rick found himself imprisoned in a storage container. Part of me was glad this didn’t work out so easily but on the other hand, what was he thinking, grand plan or no grand plan?

It was nice to see Michonne and Rosita again, even if they are still pretty banged up and in no real condition to go off and do what they did. Again, what were they thinking? It all worked out in the end, after a nice move by Rosita with a rocket launcher and a timely rescue by Daryl and Tara, showing off some great crash up derby skills with a garbage truck. I understand wanting to feel useful but someone needs to get a hold of these people and talk some sense into them before they get themselves, and many others, killed.

The Hilltop is turning into quite the hub for drama, with Jesus and Maggie disagreeing on almost everything. Keeping the captured Saviors alive is probably the right thing to do morally but really, we all know they are going to escape, cause chaos and probably kill a character because of this decision. It was fun to see Gregory get thrown in with them, but being the weasel that he is, I’m sure he’ll find a way to get out of there with before the Saviors kill him just for the fun of it.

While this wasn’t a big plot building episode, there were a few things done to set up future episodes, including the mid-season finale. Unfortunately, there was too much time wasted on familiar storylines and characters acting really dumb that made this episode mediocre at best.

Three stars out of five


- Carol and Ezekiel had a great scene

- Nice to see Michonne again


- Rehashing old storylines is not going to cut it

- Characters continue to make really dumb decisions

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Bottom Line

I guess it's a sign of how poor season eight has been when a mediocre episode like this is one of the better episodes so far. The Walking Dead needs to up its game, stop the lazy writing and help the characters to make better choices before even more viewers throw up their hands in frustration and tune out

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