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The Walking Dead Review: Rick and Michonne Go to the Carnival in “Say Yes”

by on March 5, 2017

As much as I’ve enjoyed the slow build up since The Walking Dead has returned, I think they might have pushed that a little too far this week. In “Say Yes” we learn how close Rick and Michonne really are and how they see the future of their group and the upcoming war with the Saviors. Also, Rosita is moving beyond just chomping at the bit for some payback and finally takes steps towards dealing with the rage and thirst for revenge that has consumed her since Abraham was killed.

While out searching for the guns needed to complete the deal with they’re cult friends, Rick and Michonne stumble upon a gold mine of supplies and guns. It is a rather bizarre and strange sight that upon first glance, makes little sense. There are tons of walkers in a small field where one of those travelling carnivals have been put up, but the walkers aren’t just unlikely patrons trying to win a stuffed animal for their child or date. Army personal are everywhere, very well armed, as well as walkers stumbling around with their hands tied behind their backs. Weird.

Regardless of what was going on here this is just what they were looking for and they come up with a plan to get what they need. However, while they were executing said plan things go wrong, as they usually do, leading to some very tense and interesting moments. I found it funny that the main cause of stress during one particular incident was a deer, one of the most harmless animals around. I understand what this episode was trying to say. The ‘hunting’ trip Rick and Michonne were on was really just a way to show not only how close these two have become but maybe more importantly, how much this crazy world and all its ups and downs are now nothing more than just another day. Driving, loving, driving, loving, eating, killing, eating, killing…it was kind of fascinating to watch this and I liked the way this part of the episode was written and photographed. However, I can’t ignore the fact that besides a few minor moments, and of course the ending, this episode stank of being filler. Look, I know every episode can’t be a game changer, have a big death or involve some ‘big’ moment but at this point in the season we need to be ramping things up a little more than wasting too much time on material like this.

Watching Rosita seething from every pore, every waking minute is both interesting and boring at the same time. On one hand I find it interesting to try and guess when she’s going to blow, and who is going to go down with her, while on the other hand they need to get to it and not drag this out any longer before she begins to turn into a cartoon character.

If the last clip of the episode is any indication, the end is near for a couple of characters but man, it’s going to be fun watching the carnage they let loose before they die. In fact, the big war that is building should be fun as hell but I really hope they don’t leave it hanging until next year. I want war, and I want it now.



+ Rick and Michonne make a good, believable couple

+ Carnivals are creepy at the best of times, now this...


- Felt too much like a filler episode

- Rosita needs to kill someone before her unused anger makes her seem funny instead of dangerous

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Bottom Line

While this wasn't a terrible episode, "Say Yes" had too many moments where it all seemed too familiar and felt like valuable screen time was just being wasted. Story and character building is over, people. Time to go to war.

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