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The Walking Dead Review: Morgan Pushed to the Brink in “Bury My Here”

by on March 13, 2017

While I can appreciate an episode where Morgan is front and center, and make no mistake he does a great job this week, the episode itself had far too many head scratching moments to be able to call it a success. I understand the writers have to get all the pieces in place to prepare for the big war, but they are taking far too long to do so and viewers, myself included, athe-walking-dead-bury-me-here-carolre beginning to lose interest.

A scheduled drop off between the Kingdom and the Saviors goes wrong, someone is shot and Morgan decides to take matters into his own hands to fix the problem. That is basically the premise of this episode, with a bit of Carol thrown in for good measure. It has been a while since some bodies have dropped and we saw a couple go down this week, helping to stir emotions and kick people’s ass into understanding that a violent confrontation with the Saviors is not only inevitable but necessary.

It has been interesting to watch how the writers have dealt with both Morgan and Carol this year. Carol has kind of been put on the sidelines, like a caged animal waiting for the right time to be let loose. Morgan however, he has always been the last remaining moral center if you will of the show, trying his best not to kill and find a peaceful solution to everything. You have to admire the man’s conviction, even if you think he’s wrong sometimes, but this week events unfold that push his beliefs to the edge. Indeed, his sanity is also tested as things unfold that make him flash back to the time when he basically lost his mind and he found himself alone with no direction or hope.

Richard, arguably King Ezeknegans-goons13-768x431iel’s number one soldier, also has a prominent role this week and it goes without saying that this guy has been struggling mentally for quite some time now. Everyone has their own personal breaking point and while Morgan struggles with his I think Richard hit has and went flying by quite some time ago. How he has kept it together this long is a miracle but as with others this week, he makes decisions that alter his life and many others.

While I’m happy to see more of Carol this week, what she said and did amounted to pretty much the same old Carol we have come to love from the past. However, the way the writers had her on a yo-yo this week, here I am, there I go, here I am, there I go, diminished the impact of her contribution this week and just continued the confusing way she has been used this year. I love her and Morgan together, sort of opposites, sort of the same, so that part of the episode worked pretty well.

I did spend too much time shaking my head this week though, at some weak writing, strange reactions by characters and some really silly moments. Hey, I get The Walking Dead is all about the people but man, the lack of zombies on this show now is pretty frightening. They should really be more than simple annoying road blocks that you kill and toss aside because if that’s the best you can come up with, they don’t feel like a real threat anymore and come off more like a cartoon than anything else.

Morgan was great this week but as with most of this season “Bury My Here” felt like about half an episode, frustrating and spinning its collective wheels.

Three stars out of five


- Mogan takes front and center this week and does a great job

- Good to see Carol back from her self-imposed exile

- Nice to see some bodies drop. It's been too long.


- Just what are the writer's doing with Carol this year?

- Some characters actions left me shaking my head in disbelief

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Bottom Line

While Morgan was great taking the lead this week, "Bury Me Here" still felt like another frustrating half an episode. With only three episodes left it's time to put things in high gear and maybe, just maybe, the zombies will actually become a threat again

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