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The Walking Dead Review: All Out War Stumbles Again in ‘The Damned’

by on October 30, 2017


There is nothing worse than a show that tries so hard to create some tension when in fact there is really none there. This week in ‘The Damned’, the good guys on The Walking Dead continue their all-out assault on The Saviors and their ammunition reserves in a continuation of the planned out attacks that started in the premiere. The problem is there are too many weak parts that drag down the good moments, making this just another inmaxresdefault (2) a long line of ‘what could have been’ episodes.

Let’s start with the assault on a familiar stronghold by Tara, Jesus, Morgan, and friends. This is the perfect example of some good, if not great moments being dragged down by idiotic ones. The target in question has a moat-like collection of zombies around it, a great way to use the undead to be sure. During the assault, Morgan somehow survives the stupidity of a couple less experienced people and goes all Rambo, killing everything in his path. It was fun watching him go all killing machine but I do miss the old Morgan and I wonder if maybe they could have stretched out his story, on how he went from pacifist to cold-blooded killer. Jesus and Tara meanwhile find a Savior hiding in a closet, let him live, he takes Jesus hostage, Jesus escapes, they let him live again. Wanting to do the right thing is one thing but man, I’m betting this comes back to bite them in the ass. the-walking-dead-the-damned-photo002-1509108765575_1280w

Aaron and company roll up to another Savior stronghold in their armored cars and another big gun battle ensues, where more great ideas and massive stupidity are companions yet again. Pinning the Saviors down was the plan all along, letting those who have been killed come back to life and attack them while they weren’t looking. Great use of zombies again but thanks to people having long brain cramps and no one really being able to shoot, the whole scene lost a bit of its luster, even with some of the good guys getting shot.

Some of the best exchanges came between Ezekiel and Carol during their hunt for the missing man from the end of last week’s episode. They are so different, such polar opposites in the way they think that they make a really good team. Ezekiel’s Shakespearean blathering can get annoying but he believes what he’s saying so completely it is infectious, both to those around him and the viewers. His confidence will go a long way in helping keep this group togthe-walking-dead-the-damned-2ether.

Rick and Daryl meanwhile are on the hunt for a stockpile of weapons and while they don’t find them, Rick does manage to kill what looks like the father of a baby girl, who is alive and well in her crib. This is a great little moment as we watch Rick barely able to look at himself in a mirror, only to be ruined by the appearance of none other than…wait for it…Morales. Yeah, I forgot who that was as well. He was around in Season One and now he has apparently hitched his wagon to the Saviors.

Too many missteps made this a very frustrating episode. What was with that room Daryl found? What was with the close-ups? Where are the Trashcan people? What’s going on with Negan and Gabriel? (Personally, I think Gabriel has been a Savior all along but we shall see) It was one step forward, two steps back this week on a show that is becoming more and more difficult to watch.

Two and a half stars out of five


- Zombies were used in fun and interesting ways

- Ezekiel and Carol...what a team


- So much ammunition few targets actually hit

- Suspending my disbelief is getting harder and harder

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Bottom Line

After last weeks rather flat season premiere, it was good to see The Walking Dead come out and...oh yeah...that is what I was hoping to say. Another episode of the showrunners trying to force tension down our throats when there was very little to be had.

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