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The Terror Review: Attacks on the Crew Ramp up the Fear in “Punished, As A Boy”

by on April 17, 2018


Well, Captain Sir John Franklin is dead and honestly, the men under his command are probably better for it. Foolish at the best of times, reckless and driven by his ego at the worst, Franklin’s death puts more pressure on Captain Francis Crozier to formulate a plan of rescue while trying to stave off the monster that is hunting him. No small feat for any man, especially one who spends a lot of his time with a bottle in his hand.

As the crew tries to deal with the death of one it’s captain’s, the bear/monster that killed him decides to follow the men back to the ships and begins slowing picking them off one by one. This is not a normal bear by any stretch, as Cornelius Hickey states after he and two other men decided to go out and bring the Inuit woman back and watched them interact of sorts. Hickey’s actions could be considered bold but Captain Crozier will not have anyone start thinking they can do what they want and punishes him accordingly.

The attacks are brutal and the discovery of the bodies, or lack thereof, begins to send the men over the edge in terms of panic and fear. Some are managing to keep it together but with the horrible conditions, dwindling food supply, and low morale, things begin to spin out of control. As we are now at episode four, I figure the time is right for a mutiny or something to that effect and Hickey and his cohorts have basically set that wheel in motion by brazenly defying the Captain. I’m not sure this was a bad idea but Hickey doesn’t seem the type to wait around for people to give him permission to do anything so what he did was hardly surprising.

At this point, the two crews need some sort of victory, anything, to help boost morale and get the pendulum swinging back the right way in terms of positive thinking and outcomes. Captain Crozier was always a better Captain than Franklin but now he must rise above his love of the bottle and take control of the situation. Things are bad enough now, I can’t imagine what will happen if the two crews lose faith in their remaining Captain, it will be pure anarchy.

Meanwhile, It was interesting to see the two better halves of the Captains go at those in charge back home while trying to get some answers. They might be sitting on their hands, they might not but these ladies, especially Lady Jane will not be denied answers. She is no fool and knows of Franklin’s failings as Captain but that does not stop her from putting forth a great speech trying to get some help for her husband, who is already dead and beyond help, but maybe her strength can get help for the other men.

The Eskimo woman, dubbed Lady Silence, is brought to the Terror for safety and questioning. It falls on Dr. Goodsir, who brings her a meal and tries to converse with her. If there is indeed some connection between her, her people and this creature it is now probably too late to stop it. Besides, the crew itself seems ready to turn on one another and at this point that may be an even bigger danger than the creature itself.

Four stars out of five


- Hickey is still my choice for making some huge impact by the end of the show

- Monster attacks are done well, abiding by the less is more approach

- How far off is a mutiny? Love the tension that continues to build each week.


- Wow. One captain is dumb and ego-driven the other likes to drink a bit too much. Tell me how these two were given command of this mission?

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Bottom Line

The Terror gave us yet another solid episode this week that somehow, yet again, managed to turn up the tension another notch. I feel sorry for the crew but for the viewer, this is pure gold.

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