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The Flash “Rogue Air” Review: Don’t Think, Just Enjoy The Show

by on May 13, 2015

Never mind that the whole idea behind this episode was beyond dumb, with some the events and decisions easily making a great case for The Flash to change his name to Captain Stupid. Forget all of that because it was a heck of a of fun and after the last few weeks of heavy handed story lines it was nice to step back and take a breather before the season finale next week.

After the gang at S.T.A.R. Labs discovers where the Reverse Flash has been hiding all along, it quickly turns into one of the good and bad scenarios. The good is that they have flushed him out and found Eddie in the process, the bad being that Reverse Flash/Eobard has found a way to restart the particle accelerator via some future world tech and when it finally does (conveniently it takes 36 hours to warm up) it will kill all the meta humans they have under lock and key.fla122a0026bjpg-8e4c32_624w

Not willing to let even this collection of bad guys die The Flash, out of really good ideas it seems, makes a really bad decision and turns to Captain Cold for help. This is great to advance the plot of the future of Captain Cold but not so good if you expect a very smart villain such as Cold to actually keep he promise (by the way, great song playing in the background when Barry was asking Cold for help)

So before you can say makeshift freezer truck, the ‘team’ hustles the meta humans away to get shipped off (to a familiar destination if you watch Arrow) via plane at a nearby airfield and that’s where The Flash gets rewarded for his dumb ass decision making skills, things go really bad and the viewer has some fun watching it all play out.

At this point, the writers must have decided to take a breather from the mindless fun to insert a little bit of acting as we find Barry sulking away about his not so great decision making and Joe trying hard to be comforting but also giving him the I told you so speech just to rub salt in the wound. Of course he softens his stance eventually but not before making Barry promise not to make any more Arrow like decisions.

This of course ends as quickthe-flash-rogue-air-3-133594ly as it began and leads to even more fun at the end when Reverse Flash shows up outside of S.T.A.R. Labs, grinning and mocking Barry as he knows he can’t catch him. Barry knows this and seemingly has learned from his earlier mistake and called in a couple friends to help. This leads to some more superhero/super villain fighting fun, regardless of some more unanswered questions and obvious plot holes but hey, ignore that and just enjoy the eye candy before you.

Almost as an afterthought, the whole Eddie/Iris drama seems to have finally reached some sort of conclusion, but somehow I don’t think so. The writers have been fumbling around with Iris all season long so I’m sure they have something else planned with only one episode remaining this season.

Even with gaping holes in some plot lines and some epic dumb decisions, this episode was not really that bad. It was fun to watch the good guys and bad guys cut loose not once but twice in an episode. I certainly wouldn’t want this to become a habit, but for one episode it was quite enjoyable.

Speaking of the finale, events in this episode have presented Barry with what looks like the option to make an even bigger error in judgment that will affect everyone and everything around him. I wonder if he learned anything at all in this episode. Well, hang onto your hats because we’ll find out next week.

Three stars our of five (plot meter), four stars out of five (on the fun meter)


- Wonderful, mindless comic book fun

- Captain Cold once again had some of the best lines and chewed up all the scenes he was in

- Interesting set up for the season finale


- Well, it wasn't the smartest episode with plot holes you could drive a truck through

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Bottom Line

A completely silly but very fun episode that was a nice break from the heavier story lines and allowed the viewer to catch their breath before next weeks finale

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