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The Flash Review: Time Travel Twist in “Borrowing Problems From the Future”

by on January 25, 2017

Before the winter break, we got a glimpse into the future as Barry watched Savitar kill Iris right in front of him. While I found it interesting, I was more concerned with The Flash spending far too much time upon it’s’ return on time travel, changing the future and saving Iris. I’ve almost had my fill of Barry screwing with the timeline, ala Star Trek. However, the writers introduced a little twist that in this plot arc that might just make the rest of this season very goodfla310a-0038b-1484770066744_1280w indeed.

The twist in question is a news report Barry sees just before Iris is killed, the news headlines scrolling along to be exact however, first things first. The main story being reported is about the villain Plunder, who just show happens to turn up in Barry’s current timeline committing crimes. This leads him to thinking that if The Flash doesn’t stop him, maybe that will help change the timeline and perhaps Iris won’t be killed. Talk about jumping head first down the proverbial rabbit hole.

Obviously, this is just wishful thinking but it does lead to Barry and Wally getting closer after some butting of heads during Kid Flash’s ‘ride along’ during training. It is good to see the writers finding a use for Wally as he was becoming window dressing on the show, doing little except pouting a lot which was getting irritating. His training is going well, almost too well and I’m thinking he might get a bit too cocky in the near future, putting himself and the team at risk.

Caitlin, in her never ending quest to stop from turning into Killer Frost, approaches Julian for help, asking if he can rid of her powers permanently. After a very snobbish and rude no, Julian does come around and Caitlin even asks him to join Team Flash. While this was an interesting development, I really thought that was something she should have ran by the team first, don’t you think?

The big moment of the episodfla310a_0002be wasn’t the last bit that usually ends the show, although that was very interesting as well, but in fact revolved around Barry and Iris. Barry decides to tell her what he saw, why he’s been acting weird and it leads to quite a heartwarming and emotional moment between the two. Grant Gustin and Candice Patton have always had a solid chemistry, one of the things that exists between almost all the actors on this show, but they took it to a new level this week. I’ve been pretty hard on Iris as character over the past couple of seasons but the writers seem to finally have figured out what to do with her character and Patton is doing a great job with the material.

Also, I was glad that HR Wells had some mystery injected into his character again. While the whole ‘opening of the museum’ part of the episode was pretty average, there were a handful of moments that painted HR in a much different light. The mystery of his presence in the ‘future’ death of Iris, along with then ending, makes it look like the old Wells might make a return, if in fact he ever left.

With the wonderful little plot threads they basically announced for the rest of the season, this was during the future news scrawl, I was left impressed on the execution and excited for where this show is going next.

Four out of five stars


- Gustin and Patton are wonderful together

- The writers took the time travel storyline and gave it a great twist

- Kid Flash and HG Wells had some solid and well-deserved screen time


- Although it serves a purpose, not sold on the museum plot arc

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Bottom Line

The Flash made a great return this week with "Borrowing Problems From the Future" and put a twist in the whole time travel story line that worked on many different levels. The rest of this season looks like a lot of fun now.

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