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The Flash Review: Time for Some Fun In “The New Rogues”

by on October 26, 2016

With all the heavy lifting The Flash has done recently in regards to time travel and the Flashpoint storyline, “The New Rogues” was a great way to take time out and simply have some fun, showing off the great chemistry these actors have while still managing to throw in a few dramatic moments just to keep us on our toes.

The fun began with the introduction of meta humans Mirror Master (Grey Damon) and Top (Ashley Rickards) who are intent on robbing the city blind, kind of like a modern day Bonnie and Clyde. Even better, they have a score to settle with a familiar face, that being Leonard Snart.(Wentworth Miller) Anytime Miller can get some screen time is a good thing and this was no exception, chewing up the scenery and adding some real comedic and dramatic zing to the episode.ashley-rickards-the-flash-cw-620x375

This offered up the perfect excuse for the newest speedster, Jesse Quick, to join Flash and jump into the hero world. Of course, it is never that simple on these shows and watching Barry try and help Jesse along was a lot of fun as well. Violet Beane was solid as Jesse, probably giving her best performance to date as both the speedster in training and fumbling romantic with Wally.

The combination of these two things would have made a fine episode alone but the Harrison Wells tryouts and the awkward family/dating triangle with Joe, Iris and Barry raised the humor to another level. While seeing Harrison leave to go back to his own Earth, the idea to interview replacement Harrison Wells from other planet Earths was brilliant. Tom Cavanagh is too good to let go and this was a great idea to have his character stick around. It remains to be seen however, if the new Wells has the same destructive tendencies as the old ones.

With Iris and Barry now datthe-flash-304-4-600x400ing, it is proving to be uncomfortable first and foremost for Joe, quickly followed by Barry and then Iris. Iris tries to lay all the cards on the table but the guys are still all weirded out about the whole thing. The great chemistry between Joe and Barry made this hilarious and made the numerous awkward situations so much fun to watch.

The drama of the whole episode centered around Caitlin, who continues her transformation into Killer Frost and for some reason is still determined to hide it. I am beginning to wonder if the writers have something bad planned for Caitlin/Frost but with this show and it’s nonstop jumps into different timelines, I don’t know if anyone can really be gone for good. Still, it will be interesting to see where they intend to take this plot arc in the coming weeks.

In the end, this episode did very little to advance the overall story and feel of this season but it turned out to be a great breath of fresh air. The Flash is not Arrow and cannot get too dark or serious or it will wasting what is one of the shows great strengths, that being its humor and being able to laugh at itself.

Four out of five stars


- Always great to see Wentworth Miller back in action

- A funny, sometimes hilarious episode

- Glad the writers found a way to keep Tom Cavanagh on board


- The writers still seem to be struggling to find an identity for Iris

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Bottom Line

A fun episode with many great one-liners, "The New Rogues" was a nice breath of fresh air from the Flashpoint/time travel story line that frankly was already becoming a bore. Let's hope The Flash throws in another one of these episodes to break up the monotony of what can be a really long season.

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