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The Flash Review: Supporting Cast Takes Center Stage in Season Four Premiere “Flash Reborn”

by on October 11, 2017

Ok, watching Barry leave to stabilize the whole Flashpoint universe at the end of last season was a nice ending to the season but we all knew it was not a ‘real’ ending by any stretch of the imagination. In “Flash Reborn” we get to watch the rest of the team take the lead, see where they are at both as a unit and as individuals and wait for the return of The Flash. For the most part, this was done very well although splitting this story into two parts might have been a better idea.

The episode starts with the ‘new’ team tracking down a villain and fumbling a bit along the way. Iris is nthe-flash-season-4-episode-1-promo-breakdown-flash-rebirth-youtubeemergency-awesome_1567955ow leading the team, seemingly confident in her role and kicking some ass at the same time. It is interesting to watch the team succeed yet not be as efficient at it as they would like. Everyone is feeling the loss of Barry in different ways, not to mention the team as a whole.

When a new villain appears, a samurai with a very powerful sword and can fly, and demands to face off with the Flash or he’ll level the city, you know it’s only a matter of time before Barry returns. Cisco has an idea but needs Caitlin’s help to do it, so with yet another member back in the fold they attempt to bring the Flash back, with mixed results. He does return, but in a different place and not really right in the head, talking nonsense and writing bizarre symbols over pretty much any surface he can reach.

This is where the episodeThe-Flash-S04E01-e64153ef5d61fff2852dc9542e4d5490-thumb goes off the rails a bit. Iris’s solution to snap Barry out of whatever has happened to him, and the eventual result, all happens far too quickly. It was at this point I thought they were going to make this a two-part return, adding a bit more story to the mix, but things wrapped up too quickly and Barry…well, you can see for yourself but he still seems to be a bit off.

The final clip of the episode gave us not only where the Samurai came from but who sent him and wouldn’t you know, we have a new villain who isn’t a speedster. (It’s about time) I’m very interested to see where they are going to go with this individual.

Minus the far too quick wrap up to this story, it was a pretty solid episode. I have to admit, it was great to see this collection of characters/actors back together again. They do have some of the finest chemistry of any superhero show on television right now and they flexed those muscles in “Flash Reborn”. Iris and Cisco, in particular, look like they are going to be bigger and stronger characters this year but I’m still not feeling it from Kid Flash.

Three and a half stars out of five


- Great to see this collection of actors back together again

- Iris and Cisco were very stong this week

- New villain is not a speedster


- Episode wrapped up far too quickly

- Kid Flash still looks a little lost

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Bottom Line

A good, albeit not a great start to season four, "Flash Reborn" brought the gang back together again in style, even if they solved things a little too fast for my liking. That being said, we now have that behind us and we are off to the to speak.

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