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The Flash Review: Savitar’s Identity is Revealed in “I Know Who You Are”

by on May 3, 2017


So….we now know who Savitar is. While this was a big deal, and the reveal at the end of the episode was marvelous, there were other very important developments this week that made when you add it all up, made for a fantastic episode. The only drawback was a certain romantic story line that I’m just not sold on, which is ending up to be more of a distraction and waste of valuable screen time than anything really substantial.the-flash-i-know-who-you-are-photo013-1493662026142_1280w

For the most part, this was a Killer Frost episode from start to finish (well, almost to the finish as the big reveal kind of stole her thunder) and from the looks of things, the final transformation of Caitlin to Killer Frost for good. There is still some good in there, some conflict but in the end, this was Killer Frost’s coming out party and it looks like she has no intention of going back to the goody two shoes known as Caitlin. Danielle Panabaker did a very convincing job and to be honest, I like Killer Frost a lot better, especially when she broke out the old school ice slide as transportation around the city.

Carlos Valdez also put in a great performance, as did Tom Cavanagh. In fact, the whole cast did a wonderful job as The Flash reached back to its strength this week, that being the chemistry between this group of actors, and gave us a superb hour of television. It was great watching how the transformation of Caitlin into Killer Frost affected everyone in different ways and what they did to cope with the fact that they might have lost Caitlin for good.

There were a few problems, howethe-flash-credit-warner-bros-tvver. One was Kid Flash being MIA for almost the whole episode. I found this strange and a wasted opportunity in terms of inserting him into the chaos. The big issue I have is the Joe and Cecile romance. Honestly, I feel absolutely nothing towards these two as a couple and I find the whole romance story line forced and awkward. Hopefully, it won’t last past the end of the season as it is sucking away some quality face time for Joe in terms of the big plot arcs.

Now, as to the identity of Savitar…Barry had a moment of revelation, finally putting all the pieces together and realizing that Savitar was in fact, Barry Allen. It was a great moment, seeing the two face off together and Grant Gustin did a great job selling it, with a face that combined anger, frustration, and sadness all in one. While we didn’t find out where this Barry Allen came from, I’m guessing he is yet another casualty of Flashpoint and hopefully the good Barry Allen won’t go into full pout mode now as there are only three episodes left this season.

I will admit, I’ve been critical of the whole Savitar story line this year as the villain was not around enough for my taste. In fact, this feels a lot like what Arrow has done with Prometheus, leaving the villain as a part-time threat, revealing his identity and then reaping the rewards with some solid episodes. I have no doubt that The Flash will take this reveal and run with it, pardon the pun, and it should be quite a ride now until the season finale.

Four stars out of five


- Savitar reveal was great and well done

- The whole cast was solid as their collective chemistry shone through again

- Killer Frost is here to stay and that's a good thing


- The Joe and Cecile romance is just horrible

- Why was Kid Flash MIA this episode?

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Bottom Line

One of the better episodes this year, "I Know Who You Are" revealed Savitar's identity but while important, the rest of the cast turned in stellar performances to make it enjoyable from start to finish

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