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The Flash Review: Really Good Vibes in “Dead or Alive”

by on February 1, 2017

While I had a hard time embracing the tension or sense of dread that was supposed to be part of this episode, it didn’t take away from the enjoyment I had watching it. Sure, it wasn’t brain surgery plot wise but more like the show taking a deep breath before it moved into other more serious areas. Not to say Savitar and the possible death of Iris aren’t serious, but this week they choose to focus on Cisco and HR and for that reason alone, the episode had a quirky, humorous slant.flash3111

First of all, we had Gypsy, a collector from HR’s timeline who was in fact on this Earth to bring him back for the crime of time jumping. It also seems she shares the same powers as Cisco, which leads to an obvious face-off between the two. This little plot device allows for some great interaction between Cisco, Gypsy and HR, due to great chemistry and wonderful lines by the writers. The Vibe/Gypsy showdown was extremely fun as well, which included some interesting visits to different planet Earths.

It was also good to see the continued evolution of Wally as Kid Flash, with a lot of credit going to Keiynan Lonsdale for making him feel useful and very likeable. As his role increases on the show, this makes it a much more fluid and believable transition and not like the viewer is being force fed a very average character to further the overall plot.

One thing they did this week that I think they need to do a bit more of is let Barry hang back a bit and let some others take the reins. This applies both to his character and the actor, who obviously is the main focal point of the show but who can also have a very powerful presence without being in almost every shot. Letting his teammates take control shows his growth as a leader and letting the other actors show off their skills tells me the writers are developing ever more confidence in this group.

The one thing that didflashdeadalive7n’t really work for me was Iris being the bad ass investigative report. Sure, I get she’s feeling the pressure of her supposed death fast approaching but they could have handled it much better than the ‘reckless/jump without looking’ kind of approach. Still, Iris did have a great moment with her dad, who she was distracting so Wally could do some snooping for her. I can’t imagine his reaction when he finds out, and he will find out, about her apparent death in the very near future.

I am betting that because of the great ‘vibe’ Gypsy brought to this episode, this isn’t the last we’ve seen of her. However, as much as I like watching Cisco fumble around with his romantic interests, maybe the writers could bring in a woman that he actually has a chance with, you know, that will stick around on this Earth? Who knows, maybe Gypsy is the one.

Finally, we were left with a conversation between Barry and Wally that while important, did not really come as a big shock. Suffice to say, Wally will play a very important role when we finally arrive at the moment of Iris’s supposed death, which will probably be the final episode of the season.

Four stars our of five


- Great chemistry and fun between the characters

- Kid Flash is beginning to grow on me

- Gypsy was definitely more than a 'villain of the week'


- Iris the bad ass reporter just didn't work

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Bottom Line

The Flash delivered another solid episode this week with "Dead or Alive" and showed us how to have fun and still advance the plot at the same time. If only all the comic book shows were this consistent, what a multi-universe we could have.

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