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The Flash Review: Loads of Fun, Lack of Substance in “Mixed Signals”

by on October 18, 2017

After the strange and not so wonderful season premiere, it was great to see The Flash go to their strength, that being humor and it really showed with the great one-liners and excellent chemistry. However, the episode still left me wanting, with another meta bad guy that was lame and except for a few instances, very little in the way of real, believable danger.

I think the biggest issue I have, and this is spilling over from last week, is the quick jump froMixed Signalsm Barry is gone to hey, Barry is back. I would have liked to see a couple more episodes of adjustment, maybe then the whole couple angle of this episode would have felt more real. The therapy that Barry and Iris went to was a mixed bag, providing moments of humor and silly lines of dialogue that made the actors look and sound dumb, especially Iris.

The whole idea behind the couples part of “Mixed Signals” was not bad, especially comparing Barry and Iris’s issues at this point of their relationship to that of Cisco and Gypsy, who are just starting out in terms of dating. It was fun seeing the two couples at different points in their relationships and how they chose to deal with certain problems, different issues to be sure in the world of superheroes but a lot of the time very similar as well.

The cyber-Meta Deacon was pretty disposable but he served his purpose. It is an interesting mystery, how he got his powers, which ties in nicely at the end of the episode. I like the direction they are going in terms of staying away from any more speedsters at the moment, as well as the new bad guy creeping up in the rear view mirror, so that is something to look forward to. I just wish Deacon was a bit more intimidating than he turned out to be as it would have made for a much better adversary, at least for this episode anyway.

Now don’t get me wrong, I likethe-flash-mixed-signals-photo008-1507565044654_1280w that they immediately went back to the lighter side of the show. This is the strength of The Flash and after last year’s heavy-handed and dark story lines it is a nice change of pace. Let Arrow and Gotham go all dark, that’s where their strength lies and where they have the most success. I also don’t need another long, serialized story line so early in the season but between last week and this week, there seems to some confusion already on the feel of the show. It’s almost like the writers are simply impatient and want to rush into whatever they have planned this year, and that’s not a good thing.

The ‘problems’ with Flash’s new uniform were a lot of fun, though. Cisco was so proud of the technical pops and buzzes he had added to the suit that he failed to think about the fact that this could also be used against him. There might be some foreshadowing here but hey, it might also just be a few minutes of fun, we shall see.

In the end, I was left with almost the same feelings that I had at the end of the premiere, that being I was pretty underwhelmed. I’m not feeling the usual good vibes so far but hey, it’s only two episodes into the season and there is a terrific cast here, so let’s see what they have planned for us.

Three stars out of five


- Great sense of fun this week

- Cisco and Gypsy could be great together

- New bad guy has interesting possibilities


- Hollow and empty kind of feel to the episode

- Pardon the pun but hey writers, what's the rush?

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Bottom Line

Another strange episode in terms of feel and substance, "Mixed Signals" was a perfect title for something that seemed a bit confusing, albeit a lot of fun. Here's hoping things begin to make more sense next week.

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