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The Flash Review: Humor, Humor and More Humor in ‘Luck Be a Lady’

by on October 25, 2017

The cast of The Flash showed off their comedic timing this week in ‘Luck Be a Lady’, while at the same time welcoming back one character and saying goodbye to another. The episode, like the season so far, just had this very weird vibe, storylines operating at different speeds for no apparent reason. (No pun intended) I understand the show wanting to distance itself from the seriousness of last year but so far it’s hard to take anything seriously on this show.

We are introduced to Becky Sharpe, aka Hazard, wFLA403a_0025bho was living a life of incredibly bad luck until a certain event transformed her, now everyone else around her wears that burden of bad luck while she cruises around the maybe the best streak of good fortune anyone has ever seen. Her character is a lot of fun and the partial narration done by The Thinker along the way makes for a great companion, so to speak.

By no means is Hazard a horrible person or major threat to the team, she is just a fun, disposable way to bring Harry back into the mix. It was great to have Cavanagh back in the fold, bringing the crusty Harry to life in wonderful ways and sparking the great back and forth between him and Cisco again, which is still a blast. I mean, he comes bring a ‘break up cube’ for Wally from his daughter…tough to beat that as a way to come back and join the team.

It was nice to find out that The Thinker maneuvered everyone like chess pieces so the busload of people could be hit by the dark matter created when Barry returned. That was a nice bit of backstory and while I’m still not sold on The Thinker I am beginning to warm up to him a bit after this episode.

This all sounds great so far, doesn’t it? Truthfully, there is a lot to the-flash-luck-be-a-lady-photo004-1508780584310_1280wlike, especially with this cast who work so well together and are for the most part very believable stepping into the shoes of their characters. The problem is, this is back to back disposable ‘villains’, even if they are part of The Thinker’s master plan, they offer very little in the way of a real threat. I am still having trouble moving on from the way they transitioned so easily in the premiere from a tense atmosphere to hey, everything is ok, especially with Barry. I understand wanting a lighter tone after last year but this is beginning to push things a bit too far.

Then there is the disaster known as Wally. It was funny, at the end of the episode he stated that the team didn’t even notice he was missing, which was pretty lame but true, and actually neither did I. His character has seemed to have fallen in that twilight zone that Iris was in for quite some time, the one where the writer’s don’t really know what to with the character. So the decision was made to get him off the show as Wally announced he was leaving to go ‘find himself’, or something like that. He’ll probably be back or pop up on another show but really, does anyone care? I don’t really know how to feel right now, except that I believe they are missing out on some sort of opportunity here but then again, I guess that’s why I don’t have any say in what direction the show is going.

So, Harry comes back, Wally leaves and The Thinker continues his master plan, whatever that may be. I’m still not sold on the direction of this season but I love how we were left with the expression on Joe’s face when Cecile tells him she’s pregnant. I don’t know if there was more to that reaction but it was pure gold.

Three and a half stars out of five


- No one has as much fun as the cast of The Flash

- Great to have Harrison Wells back


- Second disposable villain episode in a row

- Did the writer's just give up on Wally?

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Bottom Line

A great episode in terms of humor but another disposable villain and the very weird exit of a team member made 'Luck Be a Lady' a very mixed bag in terms of quality.

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