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The Flash Review: Familiar Faces and Strange Decisions in “Into the Speed Force”

by on March 15, 2017

After Wally got himself pulled into the Speed Force last week, I knew it wasn’t going to take long for Barry to go looking for him. However, his save-Wally-at-any-cost attitude is disappointing at this stage of the game, or the series if you will, when he should know full well it won’t be that easy. In fact, some familiar faces drop by to let him know this very thing and while it was nice to reminisce, overall the episode felt like a missed opportunity.

With Wally gone and now Savitar free to roam this Earth to do who knows what (seriously, we REALLY could hImage and video hosting by TinyPicave used some more character development here) it’s obvious what has to be done first. So before you can say ‘I know how to track Barry in the Speed Force’ HR stumbles upon an idea, Cisco makes it work and just like that, Barry is back is looking for Wally in the Speed Force.

To this end, Barry is ‘helped’ along in his quest by some familiar faces, although not really there, in Eddie Thawne, Ronnie Raymond and Leonard Snart. All of these characters take turns laying into Barry verbally about why he is here and what his real motivations are. It’s always nice to visit with old characters and even though they are basically echoes created by the Speed Force it was fun to see them. In different ways they all take Barry to task about violating the promise he made the last time he was here and makes him fight his way to Wally, more familiar faces but far too easy, so he can get him and get out. Of course, things are never that easy and yet another familiar face shows up to help, another lesson on sacrifice that Barry learns the hard way.

While all this is going on, Jesse decides she will take it upon herself to go find Savitar using the piece of metal that Barry broke off of him last week. While this is obviously a dumb move it seems to be a character trait in all speedsters to run off and try and solve something all by themselves, no matter what the odds. As it turns out, they discover a weakness in Savitar that might not only help defeat him but give us his identity somewhere down the road.

The Barry and Iris relationship merry go round continImage and video hosting by TinyPicued as well, with some tears, confessions and Barry coming to a bizarre and yes, stupid conclusion on what he thought was best for Iris and the two of them going forward. I know one of the joys of Barry Allen is how he is not a perfect superhero even with a heart of gold but damn, this guy does some really stupid things sometimes and there is no better example of that then what he did in this episode.

This was a frustrating episode for me as I felt it had the potential to do so much more but was derailed time and time again by some strange decisions and weak writing. Nothing points to that more than Savitar, who has been woefully underused this year as the main bad guy and not given me much in the terms of interest or emotional attachment in terms of who he is and what his plans are.

With only six episodes left, I’m not counting the dreaded singing episode coming next week, it is still a mystery to where they are taking this season. I’m trusting the writers that this is a good thing but please, no more filler episodes.

Three and a half stars out of five


- Good to see some familiar faces, both good and bad

- HR and his special charm are beginning to grow on me


- More dumb decisions by characters who should know better by now

- 'Fights' were far too easy to win

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Bottom Line

A frustrating episode that wasted some great potential, "Into the Speed Force" was still pretty good, although it's beginning to get late in the game now to care who Savitar is and what he's going to do.

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