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The Flash Review: Double Your Pleasure In ‘The Darkness and the Light’

by on November 4, 2015

Now that’s how you do a great episode.

Fast paced, numerous well done plot lines combining both drama and humor and the threat of something really bad in the form of Zoom. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Harrison Wells ‘returned’ and stirred the pot. Hell, he took shots at almost everyone and it was nice to see the comfortable little haven at S.T.A.R. Labs get turned on its head.

Everyone has been waiting to see what was going to happen with Harrison Wells and when he appeared at the end of last week’s episode and saved The Flash there was at least a glimmer of hope he would be a better man than the last one.
That’s a big no on that one.4890528-the-flash-season-2-episode-5-the-darkness-and-the-light

This Harrison Wells from Earth 2 is arrogant, rude and not against a fight, be it verbal or physical and yes, really stirred a lot of people up in this episode. No one trusts him and no one should, it was just very nice to see the writers didn’t even try and make him a nice guy, instead letting Tom Cavanagh just let loose in obvious joy in being as Cisco put it ‘just a dick’.

One of things Wells did to show how little he cares for anyone but himself was to casually let everyone know Cisco was a meta-human. Yes, the cat is finally out of the bag and this is a good thing, although I’m sure Cisco (can we just call him Vibe now?) won’t be too happy at some of the things he’s going to see happen in coming episodes.

The meta-human of the week Doctor Light, also had a more interesting plot, continuing the episodes theme of doppelgangers from Earth 2. While her moment in the sun was brief, the actually identity of the character opened up a lot of possibilities to who or what Zoom will be sending through the portal nerecaps-the-flashxt. Also, after a nice dramatic turn last week Iris shows she is no slouch with a weapon either.

This episode also had a lot of relationship moments, the best being Barry and Patty’s ‘blind’ date. Barry, temporarily blinded after a run in with Doctor Light, decides to try and fake his way through his date with the help of Cisco and some really big and dorky glasses. It may sound ridiculous, and it was, but they played it in a way that kind of worked into the whole ‘aren’t-they-a-cute-couple’ idea, although Patty sounds like she has some issues she needs to work out.

I was less thrilled with the Jay and Caitlin budding romance, although the conversation in the van during the stakeout was geek gold. It seems like a weird match and doesn’t really work for me but we’ll see how things progress. Thumbs up to Cisco as well for entering the dating life and deciding to try and actually have a life outside of S.T.A.R. Labs.

To no one’s surprise, we find out in the final clip about the motivation for Wells showing up and going on and on about defeating Zoom. The whole idea of luring Zoom into a trap seems incredibly risky but hey, with Wells now in the fold at least we know whatever happens it’s going to be a fun ride.

Four out of five stars


- Harrison Wells is back and as bad as ever

- Fast paced and well thought out story lines

- Zoom is coming


- The whole Jay/Caitlin 'romance' seems too forced

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Bottom Line

A great episode that touched on many plot threads, 'The Darkness and the Light' has a little bit of something for everyone. Most importantly, it brought back Harrison Wells in a big way and that's never a bad thing.

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