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The Flash Review: Crossover Event “Invasion!” Cranks up the Fun

by on November 30, 2016

All you need to know about this crossover event is this: Aliens versus superheroes. That’s it. No need to go any deeper than that and really, on that level, The Flash’s part of this event was a lot of fun. There were small amounts of plot that the writers threw in just to keep the show somewhat grounded but besides that it was action, action, action and that’s exactly what itthe-flash-large-1 should have been.

The plot is pretty simple. Aliens come calling, and not the nice kind, and Barry rounds up Supergirl, Team Arrow and the gang from Legends of Tomorrow to help in the fight against them. While some of these shows are still searching for an identity, there can be no denying some of the great chemistry that has been forged between some of these characters. Better still, that translated well when they were all thrown together, making for many fun moments and a few great one-liners.

Like I mentioned, there was a few sub-plots throw in, like Wally and what to do about both his increasing speed and wanting to be a superhero. However, the big one was again, pounding us over the head with the Flashpoint storyline. Yes, I know this was The Flash’s turn in the crossover but how many times will Barry have to apologize for being an idiot? How many more times do we have to watch him pout? The message from the future was interesting but really, I could have done with a lot less of Flashpoint.

Having Supergirl as a main arc in tthe-flash-308-4he episode was on one hand very understandable after all, she is the most powerful hero of any in this little group. However, I’m thinking that it was also a good chance to expose her to those in the comic book audience who have yet to watch the show or have sort of been on the fence about it. She did just fine in this episode so I hope that translates to better stories and ratings for her own show moving forward.

All of this aside, it was all about the fighting. The aliens, named the Dominators by humans when they came to Earth years ago, look just fine for the limitations of CGI on television. The fights scenes were fast and well executed and they even threw in the twist, having the heroes fight each other thanks to the aliens taking over their minds. In fact, almost all of the fighting was hero against hero so it stands to reason the real alien versus superhero fisticuffs will come in the next episode or two. The Supergirl/Flash ‘fight’ was very well done and it was fun to watch White Canary and The Green Arrow got at it, even if it was too brief.

Sure, I could sit here and nitpick at a handful of things wrong with this episode but really, what’s the point? This is like an early X-Mas present to the loyal fans and wasn’t meant to be anything more than a wonderful, four-day event. (Three, as the two minutes at the end of Supergirl shouldn’t really count) It was loud, in your face comic book fun and in that respect, this episode was a great success.

Four out of five stars


- Loads of fun seeing all these superheroes together

- Great chemistry from all four shows on display here for all to enjoy

- Aliens looked good, actually seem threatening


- Too much talk about Flashpoint, especially in an episode like this

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Bottom Line

A crossover event like this is for one purpose only, that being fun, and this part of "Invasion!" was that and more. Loads of fun, lots of action and great dialogue made for a great beginning that will hopefully continue on in Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow

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