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The Flash Review: “Abra Kadabra” Is Far from Magical in This Mediocre Episode

by on March 29, 2017

After last week’s song and dance episode, I was looking forward to The Flash sinking their collective teeth back into Savitar story line The sad thing was they did, to an extent, but the whole episode came off as bland and dull, with only a few moments that had me actually paying attention. I’m not saying they didn’t try to make this work, it just felt like a story with too many unfinished sentences.

We quickly jump right into the story,fla318a_0301b finding Abra Cadabra (David Dastmalchian) stealing some tech for purposes unknown. While he is in the middle of his second tech heist, The Flash arrives to stop him but not before Cadabra reveals that he knows a lot about The Flash, including his identity and the whole Savitar mess. Not only that, but Gypsy shows up to capture him as well, although Cadabra manages to escape them both.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Gypsy explains who Abra Cadabra really is, causing a rift in priorities to form between Gypsy and Team Flash. This begins a back and forth between the two groups, both wanting Cadabra stopped but with their own personal agenda attached at the same time. It was interesting to see the wheels moving in the brains of Team Flash as they debated what to do, ultimately leaving it up to one member to try and get the information they wanted.

Of course, everything still centers arfla318a-0109b-1490369974894_1280wound the team still trying to save Iris from her future death, and that date is quickly approaching. As much as they have tried to change the future by changing certain events, the path still seems to lead to Iris dying. However, The Flash is known for doing the long bait and switch so to speak, so I’m not buying that she is going to die. However, I will concede that it looks like a big character is going to go down, and from what Abra Cadabra said, I’m thinking it’s going to be Joe West. That’s my prediction and I’m sticking to it, at least for now.

Capturing Cadabra was too easy, he escapes, a chase ensues and yeah, you can pretty much guess where this is going. There was never really any tension here and it just seemed like writers and actors alike were going through the motions. It was soon after this that Barry made the grand and idiotic statement of what he planned to do next, in terms of trying to save Iris and really, I just rolled my eyes. After the hell he has put everyone through, including himself, this is his great idea?

During the course of Cadabra’s escape, Caitlin was injured and things got really bad. Things went from really bad, to horrible, to relief, to uh-oh really quick. I was surprised how they set this up but not what was revealed as the episode ended. This could be a good thing going forward in terms of how it will effect what’s going on with Savitar but still, it wasn’t that big of a surprise.

Indeed, “Abra Cadabra” was a very strange episode that mixed important plot points with a very shrug of the shoulders feel to the episode as a whole. This was not a disaster to be sure but it definitely wasn’t one of The Flash’s finer moments, either.

Three stars out of five


- Always good to see Gypsy back on the show

- Abra Cadabra was an interesting if not underused character


- The whole episode felt somehow disposable

- Barry isn't really going to do what I think he's going to do, is he?

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Bottom Line

A strange mix of complete disinterest and important plot points, "Abra Cadabra" was one of the strangest episodes of the season. While it did manage to further some storylines let's hope this is the last time I feel so ambivalent about a Flash episode....ever.

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