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The Flash Review: A Confusing But Fun Episode in “Cause and Effect”

by on May 10, 2017

After last weeks big reveal that Savitar was actually Barry Allen (I’ll try to explain this later), there was bound to be a bit of a letdown this week. What I didn’t expect for The Flash to go the joke-filled route, in what was almost a throwaway episode sometimes, that while great, couldn’t cover up the mess that this story-line has now created. You see, time travel doesn’t just mess with the people involved in the show, it messes with the fans as well.the-flash-cause-and-effect-photo006-1494012872209_1280w

The explanation of the Barry/Savitar is simple/not simple: Savitar is a time remnant created by Future Barry. When Time Remnant Barry was rejected by Team Flash, he got a little angry and created the myth as the god of speed by going back in time, gathering followers and biding his time. There a lot of holes in this explanation but putting aside the plot aspect of it…it still feels right.

So naturally, this reveal to Team Flash went over like a ton of bricks and left everyone wondering and doubting. Then Cisco came up a brilliantly unorthodox idea that again, didn’t make a lot of sense in the overall story line but it did allow Barry to change, become something people hadn’t seen in a while and for a moment, some thought it might be good to leave him like this. However, with the help from Killer Frost, who as always has her own agenda, things get somewhat back to normal. The excuse they use to have Killer Frost/Caitlin helping Team Flash again was pretty thin but it allowed the viewer a peek into what the writers might have in store for Killer Frost, especially when it comes to Savitar.

The best part of the episode wthe-flash-cause-and-effect-photo009-1494012872212_1280was watching Tracy Brand and H.R. together. Tracey, hard at work trying to build her Savitar trap, has some great flirty moments with H.R. which worked very well. The two definitely have a weird chemistry together and share a love of coffee, so I wouldn’t be against her sticking around for a while. It’s hard to say what the writers have in store for her in the long term sense, but I still believe someone on Team Flash is going to die so there will definitely be an opening.

It was strange to see an episode like this so close to the end of the season, and while it showcased how The Flash excels when it keeps things light, with everything that has happened this season that time has come and gone. I’m not saying the show will become as dark and brooding as Arrow and Oliver Queen but Barry definitely spends more time pouting with a furrowed brow these days than ever before. Maybe this is the way the tone and ideas in the episode were the way they were, kind of like saying goodbye to what was and hello to the new reality.

The ending, well….I will admit, I didn’t see that coming. I guess we will be seeing a familiar face again next week as Tracy Brand and Team Flash need a certain power source to fuel her ‘bazooka’ if they have any hope of trapping and defeating Savitar. Sounds a little convoluted to me but I guess we’ll see next week.

Three and a half stars out of five


- Nice to see this different side of Barry

- Tracy and H.R., what an awesome pair

- Did we get a glimpse of who was going to die by season's end?


- Convoluted, messy storylines and explanations

- What the hell is with THAT villain being brought back? Oh, and nice job A.R.G.U.S.....again.

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Bottom Line

A very weird time to have an episode like this, "Cause and Effect" was confusing, fun and frustrating all in one. Strange story lines and the weird ending definitely left me scratching my head. Still, the humor was top notch, even if the story was not.

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