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Supernatural Review: The Kids are Alright, Kinda…in “Keep Calm and Carry On”

by on October 14, 2016

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It’s been a rough few months that we’ve been in Hellaitus. We were left with so many questions: “Is Sam alright after some British lady shot him?” “What will happen now that Mary is back?” “Will they find Lucifer?” It’s been quite stressful waiting for the answers to these questions but, the time is now! Supernatural is back for its 12th season so let’s get started reviewing the premiere.

Supernatural -- "Keep Calm and Carry On" -- SN1201a_0002.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Jensen Ackles as Dean and Samantha Smith as Mary Winchester -- Photo: Katie Yu/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Katie Yu/The CW

At the end of season 11 Amara brings back Dean’s mother, the famous Mary Winchester. In the beginning of this episode we see Mary, who has no idea where she is and who Dean is. In fact, she about breaks his neck. Dean tells her facts about herself to assure her that he really is her son. To hear Dean say “Come on, Mom” in reference to them going home made my heart flutter with so many emotions. This is the first time he has really been able to spend time with her (in present time) and yes, you should be crying.

Soon after this, we find Castiel landing 3 hours outside of Lebanon. He arrives at the bunker shortly after Dean and Mary. Castiel finally meets Mary and it was as awkward but amazing as you think it would be. They bonded over how different the world is now than it was when they were first here. We even got this glorious quote from them, Mary: “Is that…a computer?” Castiel: “Yes. I don’t trust them.” I’m really hoping that we see more of Castiel in this season. Last season Misha Collins acting as Lucifer was a blast! But I mean, I just miss good ol’ Castiel.

Katie Yu/The CW

Okay, let’s get into the sad stuff. Sam. We see him bound and gagged with a bullet wound in his leg in the back of an SUV. Later on he’s chained and shackled to a chair in a basement and gets tortured with a blow torch and some kind of hallucinogen. The British woman who shot him tells him about the British Men of Letters and that they kill monsters quick and easy. While she was explaining their Men of Letters there was an odd clip of hunters in Britain killing a vampire that I thought was just visually random. It popped in kind of suddenly and had a blue filter both of which I felt was unnecessary.

I did like how we got more info about them but it was only to the extent of how fast they kill monsters. I’m hoping that we get more of their history. We found out her intention of kidnapping Sam was to get names and addresses of the hunters he knows, so the British Men of Letters can help them “make America safe.” Yeah, because you totally aren’t going to shoot and torture them too.

Dean, Cas and Mary go searching for Sam and get awfully close to finding him. It was interesting to see more of Samantha Smith’s (Mary) acting in Supernatural. Although, I’m not sure if I totally fell in love with her acting. It might get better the more she gets used to, well, being alive again. I’m really curious to know what the writer’s plan is with Mary. Will she become a hunter again and hunt with her sons? How long before she gets killed off? I hope not, but we can only hope for the best.

Katie Yu/The CW

We also see Crowley is on the search for Lucifer. He wants him dead (because who doesn’t?) and to become the King of Hell again. I enjoyed seeing Crowley on the hunt for Lucifer. He’s not the Devil’s dog anymore and it’s exciting to see him ready to kick butt again. I really enjoy when Sam, Dean, Castiel and Crowley are all in an episode. Although they were separated from each other it’s nice to know what’s going on with each character.

Overall I think that this was a great season premiere. It was very to the point with Dean, Castiel and Mary on the search for Sam. The pace of the episode was great in the sense that it answered some questions but still left a lot open for the rest of the season. Also, it seems that this season will be more about the Winchesters and the Men of Letters. They’re bringing it back to a more grounded plot instead of the cosmic insanity that it was last season. I’m excited to see Mary hunt more, Sam to officially meet his mother and for Rick Springfield to join the cast! What an interesting season we have ahead of us.

Let us know your thoughts about last night’s episode.


-Mary seeing Baby again.
-Dean’s face when he figures out his parents had sex in the back of the Impala.
-Mary and Castiel meeting for the first time.
-Dean breaks a smartphone with his bare hands.


-The "cloud" effect of Sam's hallucinations was kind of weird.
-Clip of British Men of Letters was visually random.

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Bottom Line

Mary’s back. Dean has mixed emotions. Castiel is mad. Sam is tortured. Crowley is looking for Lucifer. You will cry.

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