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Star Trek Discovery Review: A Bad Day All Around in “The Wolf Inside”

by on January 15, 2018

In an episode full of twists and turns, the crew of the Discovery continues to try and survive in the Mirror Universe, death seems to be around every corner and a famous goatee makes an appearance that is a great shout out to Trek fans and just fun all around. Sadly, the slow and plodding reactions by characters to certain events made the episode on a whole feel very uneven, not surprising given some of the dialogue and situations they had to endure.

For Burnham, she is thrust in the unenviable role of trying to command a starship that is nothing more than a killing machine, keeping her own crew together while trying to home and along the way, doing her best not to go insane. Her relationship with Tyler helps, and Tyler himself describes Burnham as his tether to humanity, so to speak. They are good together, in a bizarre and complicated way, but everyone knows it is a doomed relationship so it’s rather tragic and sad at the same time.

When Burnham is entrusted with a mission to kill the rebel resistance Firewolf, a Klingon who has rallied different species together to fight against the Terran Empire, she takes advantage of this moment to try and get some information both her world and the Empire she is supposed to be a part of here in the Mirror Universe. Unfortunately, something triggers Tyler along the way and the mission goes a bit sideways.

Meanwhile, Tilly tries to help Stamets and impresses Saru, enough for Tilly to ask for a recommendation to the command program. You have to love this woman’s optimism and ambition and wonderful personality. It’s too bad everything didn’t go so well with Stamets but something tells me he is going to be full of surprises as we move forward.

The problem I had with the episode is how uneven it felt, both in plot and dialogue. Some of the actors looked very unsure of some of the lines they were speaking, maybe a combination of messy dialogue and when they had to deliver it. It was almost like there were ‘pause for effect’ moments when there really didn’t need to be. In any case, it made many scenes feel unfinished or sloppy.

There is also no getting around the fact that this is a dark and violent show. In the overall scope of the television universe it might not seem that way but for Star Trek, it is definitely boldly going where other Trek shows have not gone before. In these eyes, that continues to be a good thing and the Mirror Universe has again opened up many possibilities. I mean, the goatee made a wonderful appearance, the Emperor shows up and it is yet another familiar face…all of these things just amp up the stress level and it will fun to see who breaks first.

Three and a half stars out of five


- Great action and atmosphere

- Tilley and Burnham were excellent

- The goatee


- Uneven pacing and poor dialogue

- Some big twists were telegraphed way too early

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Bottom Line

After last weeks wonderful return, "The Wolf Inside" was a bit of a letdown, mostly in terms of the dialogue and pacing. Still, the Mirror Universe remains a fascinating place for storylines and there should be many interesting characters popping up sooner than later

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