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Review: The X-Files Shows Off Its Strengths in “Plus One”

by on January 18, 2018

Thankfully leaving the mythology behind, Chris Carter showed off his still impressive writing chops with an episode that had a nice monster of the week story but more importantly, showed off what The X-Files is really about, that being the wonderful relationship between Mulder and Scully. Yes, the mythology, the monster stories and all the wonderful characters are great but there is no show without these two and in “Plus One”, we are reminded of the great chemistry they have and how after all this time the actors can still bring out the best in one another.

The monster part of the story revolves around two twins, Judith and Chucky, whose seemingly infantile game leads to deadly consequences. Having a seemingly psychic connection, the deadly game allows for the victim to be to see their doppelganger, which in turn leads to some weird and wonderful fun. Enter Mulder and Scully to investigate what is going on from every conceivable angle, and politely disagreeing on certain things along the way, just like old times.

While this is enjoyable, it is the interaction between the two agents that captured my attention. Duchovny and Anderson have been doing this a long time so it would be easy to fall into bad habits and just mail their performances in. However, they’re banter and conversation seems as easy and natural as it was in the nineties. The professional back and forth aside, it is the more personal one on one, something brought on by events in the episode that are terrific.

Ok, whether or not they actually had sex, I’m going to say they did it at least twice, is enough to get fan boys and girls scrambling for their keyboards. I would like to think we’re past this but I know we aren’t and hey, that’s ok. It was done in a way, the setup not the ‘sex’, which was fun, playful and very natural. It was interesting to see how they weaved the topic of children into the quieter moments, not mentioning William per say but seeing how he weighed heavily on each of them.

I was so happy to see Karin Konoval back on the show. Never mind that she played both Judith and Chucky, but fans will remember her as Mrs. Peacock from the now Iconic episode “Home” and as Madame Zelda in the brilliant “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose”. This was a great shout out to the past as well as showing off her talents here in 2018.

The episode wasn’t perfect, with some very predictable twists and turns and an ending that was never really explained concerning the twins, but I’m nitpicking here. Carter spun a great X-Files story that was loads of fun that not only showed off the talents of its leads but gave us hope that the rest of this season, which will likely be the last, will be just as entertaining.

Four out of five stars


- Duchovny and Anderson were fantastic

- Mrs. Peacock is back!!!

- Great fun that moved at a nice pace


- Some obvious twists and the outcome concerning the twins was never fully explained

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Bottom Line

We now have back to back solid episodes, thanks in no small part to some great writing and stellar work by Duchovny and Anderson. If this is indeed going to be the last season I hope they continue with more episodes like this.

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