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Review: Fear the Walking Dead Plays it Safe in the Two Hour Season Finale

by on October 16, 2017


As I look back on season three and try and figure out what the writers were trying to do, I can’t help but feel a little cheated. Sure there were some deaths, such as Ofelia, Travis and in the end, the whole Otto family, but I’m not really sure if there was ever a point or direction from start to finish. The fact that the Clark family stayed pretty much intact, can’t see Nicfear-the-walking-dead-season-3-episode-15-review-bad-things-begunk dying at the dam or Alicia drowning after it was blown, is asking a lot from the viewers after they were in the middle of so much danger all season long. However, I guess suspending one’s disbelief is what the show wants, I just don’t know how that’s going to play out come next year.

In the back to back episodes “Things Bad Begun” and “Sleigh Ride,” we saw a lot of backstabbing, shady deals and people turning on each other, but nothing was more bizarre than Nick seemingly picking Troy over his mom after she so wonderfully bashed his end in, ending his sorry ass existence. Madison may be many things but she’s still his mom, and Troy was a killer through and through, so why the attitude? Calling out his mom as dangerous felt empty and weak, as did his stand to kill himself to destroy the dam and save his family if he does indeed survive like I think he will. Proctor John’s observation of the Clark family was bang on, which was especially funny coming from him.

Speaking of the Proctors, they were a nice little addition but as far aFEAR_S3_315_OTN-800x450s throwing them into the deep end of a season finale, it felt rushed and forced at times. Also, there were too many instances where they came off as a copy of The Saviors, so this has got to be addressed as well. I enjoyed the one on one conversations between John and Alicia but seriously folks, who gets up and walks around after the kind of surgery John had? If they had introduced this little scenario sooner it would have been easier to take, time heals and all that, but this was really too far-fetched for me.

Madison has become harder fear-the-walking-dead-episode-316-daniel-blades-2-9351and less tolerant, sometimes this is necessary but over time it made her less a leader and more of a ‘it’s my way or the highway’ kind of person. She needs to make people believe she cares more or she will just become nothing more than a killer in sheep’s clothing. However, I did enjoy the creepy nightmare sequences she had and maybe this will help her grow more of a conscience next season. I will admit that Alicia became more likable and useful as the season wore on, I called for her death on numerous occasions, so I hope they continue that trend going forward. As for Nick, I have no idea where they are going with his character and if he survives the dam explosion, which I think he will, he also needs a bit of a makeover next year.

By the end of the finale, we were left with many questions to be answered. Daniel and Strand survived to try and kill each other many more times I’m sure, the Clark family is scattered and separated yet again, Lee and Walker came in for a quick rescue then left, more side characters were killed off and the Proctors are now being set up as the big villains next season. We saw the Ranch fall, the damn get blown and I’m still not sure what it all means. In a season of ups and downs, the showrunners took the easy way out to end the season, leaving a sour taste in my mouth as I ponder what is going to happen next.

Three out of five stars


- Loads of action, lots of death

- Proctor John could be a great character moving forward

- Glad to see the end of Troy


- Madison needs to learn some empathy...or simply grow a personality

- How long can all the members of the Clark family survive?

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Bottom Line

In a season that was very erratic, the two-episode finale fits in perfectly, all over the place with seemingly no real direction or purpose. People died, homes were destroyed, future plans crushed...but in the end, what did it all mean? I still don't know.

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