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Review: Fear the Walking Dead is Shocking and Tragic in ‘Good Out Here’

by on April 30, 2018


Well, I wasn’t expecting that.

Nick is dead, killed off with no warning at all and while it was done well I wonder if this will end up doing more harm than good down the line. Killing off a major character is gutsy but risky, something I didn’t see Fear the Walking Dead needing to do at this point and quite honestly, the decision baffles me, especially with how this episode played out.

While in the van, the tables are suddenly turned as Althea takes Nick hostage, making him Luciana, Strand and Alicia now the hostages. After a struggle causes the van to crash, a deal is struck, Althea still wants their stories, and they are released to go and find a truck to pull them out, all except Nick, who stays behind, guarded by Morgan.

The best part of the episode turns out to be the interaction and bonding of sorts between Nick and Morgan, which for all its possibilities ends up for naught as Nick is now no longer with us. It is also the part of the episode that causes me the most frustration, as why would you begin to build this bond between two characters only to kill one of them off? Maybe it’s simply a lesson about how horrible things can really be in this new world and death can come calling at any time.

When Nick goes charging after that blue El Camino, Morgan goes after him and ends up rescuing him from some walkers, but not able to stop him from his goal of killing the driver. We don’t really know why Nick hates the driver so much, there is obviously a much bigger back story here to be told, but we do know he hurt Nick. Morgan tries to hold him back, tell him how killing this man will only make things worse but it is no good, Nick has made up his mind. At least he got some peace, some sort of closure before he was killed off.

There were also some interesting but rather strange scavenging flashbacks involving Madison, Nick, and bluebonnets. Nick has some connection with these flowers, as seen in both the past and present, and I’m wondering what that was/is. He is an angry guy, I thought maybe someone had died, it’s so hard to tell with the jumping back and forth in time periods.

I’ll give credit where credits due and give it up for the showrunners for this bold move in terms of killing off Nick. I’m still not convinced it is going to turn out that well for the show, but with all the time jumping, I’m very convinced that we will be seeing a lot more of him still until that storyline plays out. Let’s hope this risky move works out for the show, which to me has surpassed The Walking Dead in many ways and can still get better.

Four stars out of five


- Nick's death was a gutsy move

- Great storyline, solid acting

- Killing isn't all it's cracked up to be in the new world



- Nick's death...will it do more harm than good?

- Morgan and Nick were good together, a shame that will go to waste now

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Bottom Line

Fear the Walking Dead shocked us all by killing off a major character with no warning whatsoever. How this will affect the show as it moves forward is hard to predict but if 'Good Out Here' showed us anything, it was that these showrunners are not afraid to go to unexpected and controversial places.

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