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Review of Arrow – Uprising

by on February 4, 2015

Episode 12Uprising

The Emerald Archer Rises… and has returned to Starling City. And, at the last ten minutes, nonetheless. In Uprising, the ups outweigh the downs and at the end we are just happy to have Oliver back where he belongs.

As the tension in the Glades has reached its tipping point, the remnants of Team Arrow work on banding together to take down Brick. It seems they are stuck until Quentin Lance delivers evidence files about Brick, and Felicity makes a connection between the murder of Rebecca Merlyn and Brick.

Vinne Jones Brick

Running parallel to Thea trying to convince Merlyn that he is not a killer, the story of Rebecca’s murder is fleshed out in flashbacks. At this point Thea has grown so close to Merlyn that she doesn’t seem to mind that he is a mass murderer, but what is really important is the fact that he protected her during the Undertaking. With Thea having been so morally set in the past it is difficult to watch her accept Merlyn.

But Thea is not the only Queen to collaborate with Merlyn. Once Oliver finally returns he strikes a deal with Merlyn to receive training from him. He believes Merlyn can teach him how to beat Ra’s al Ghul, since Ra’s will be coming at some point to kill him.

Thea is also able to convince Roy that Merlyn is not a bad guy because he kept her safe. This causes friction when it comes down to Team Arrow deciding to team up with him or not to take down Brick. At the end, Dig, Laurel, and Felicity out vote Roy and chose not to accept his help.

canary arsenal dig

Perhaps the highest moment of the show is also the ending scene. After reuniting with Team Arrow, Oliver informs them Merlyn will train him. Felicity becomes upset at him for abandoning his morals. When he goes to privately talk with her an emotional scene unravels where Felicity discusses how difficult the month believing he was dead was. She points out how he has used every woman he has loved and they have each met with difficult fates. This scene contains great writing and Felicity ends it succinctly with a punching line, “I don’t want to be a woman that you love.”


While the last scene of the episode was an example of great writing, there were scenes where the character development just didn’t seem natural, such as the ones between Thea and Roy, and Thea and Merlyn.

As usual Arrow does a great job with their visuals and sound and the cast is still able to deliver with what they are given.

The storyline continues next week in a rather interesting episode entitled Canaries. Laurel is dosed with Vertigo and fights Sara. It will be Canary vs. Canary next week and will be happy to see the return of Caity Lotz, even if it is just temporary.


- Oliver is back!
- Great scenes in the battle for the Glades and between Felicity and Oliver at the end.


-Thea's character development is starting to feel like it has taken a wrong turn.
- Big schism in Camp Olicity.

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