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Review: American Horror Story Cult Rolls Out the Clowns, Some Hooks and a Nail Gun in “Holes”

by on October 4, 2017

While we find out this week about just who belongs to this cult that has been organized by Kai Anderson (Evan Peters), we also get brutal, up close and personal violence that hits home in many different ways. True evil comes in many forms and the combination of the ‘clown cult’ and true, full-blooded politicians is scary indeed.

As the members of this cult begin to grow, secrets are coming out that spread throughout this town like roots from a tree. It shouldn’t be surprising but man, there are some people with a lot of issues to work through. At the core of it, all are Kai and Dr. Rudy Vincent (Cheyenne Jackson), who has access to a lot of these secrets and a special bond with Kai. This does not bode well for the town or those that get in the way of this ever-growing cult.american_horror_story_holes

There are some weird and obvious connections to Charles Manson with this cult, especially during the break-in of a certain news journalist who has more skeletons in his closet than most politicians. As with the Manson family, this cult is not together out of love, politics or race but by pure frustration with the system and deep seeded rage. That is a nasty combination, something the gimp upstairs at Bob the Journalists house finds out, Bob himself and a cult member not pulling his weight. The nail gun scene was especially important and horrific, allowing Kai to let everyone one just who was in charge and what lengths this group were expected to go in order to meet their collective goals.

Then there is poor, poor, Ally. It would be hard to imagine things could get much worse for her but hey, there you go. So many phobias, real and imagined, it’s a miracle she can even get out of bed every day. And as things are progressing and obviously getting worse, you have to wonder what the breaking point is for her. I know one thing, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near her when her brain finally explodes, she snaps and the carnage begins.

The politics that weave they’amcult-4-600x341re way in and out of this season of American Horror Story are interesting when done right. Indeed, Kai running for office is a great story, not so much in him as a person but how he is going about getting people to follow him. The connection or comparison to real life goings-on in America is obvious, and it can get a little heavy-handed at times, but when it’s done right it’s been a great tool this season for both the show   runners and the actors.

It was also nice to finally get a backstory on Kai and it was as sad and demented as I believed it would be. The only thing more troubling with what happened to his parents is how he and his siblings decided to deal with it. The seeds of evil and discontent were planted deep that day and wouldn’t you know, they’ve sprouted into something horrible. I’m enjoying Beverly’s character more and more, as she shows more backbone than most and a disturbing ease at which she’s buying into Kai’s rhetoric.

You cannot deny how powerful fear is, and the clowns, killings, and atmosphere all that is instilling in the show are undeniable. But the most powerful fear, the real gut-wrenching stuff, comes from real life and American Horror Story Cult did a great job this week combining the two, making “Holes” one of the better episodes of the season so far.

Four stars out of five


- Nice performances all around this week

- The cult of Kai is becoming one scary ass bunch

- Nail gun and hook scenes were disturbing


- Ally has to break soon. Who can take this much mental punishment?

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Bottom Line

Disturbing and unsettling in all the right ways, "Holes" was American Horror Story done right. I cannot wait to see what this cult will do next and what will happen to Ally and those around her when she finally explodes.

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