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Preacher Review: Tulip To The Rescue in ‘Gonna Hurt’

by on July 10, 2018

After two exciting, interesting and extremely fun episodes to open season three, Gonna Hurt was a bit of a step backward in story and energy, except for Tulip who singlehandedly saved the episode from being simply average. There were some interesting bits to be sure but too many recycled plot arcs made it feel like ‘been there, seen that’ which is not a good sign.

Tulip has definitely come back from the dead with an even bigger chip on her shoulder, which I didn’t think was possible, and shows just how pissed off she is when she has another run-in with God. Her overall demeanor, her sass, her utter contempt for someone who is telling her that her life is his design…this does not sit well with Tulip, not one bit. She is tired of others trying to pull her strings and being weighed down by the so-called ‘O’Hare curse’ and means to make her own path, no matter what the cost.

Meanwhile, the back and forth between Jesse and Cassidy continue, and while it had some interesting twists and turns this week the storyline is getting pretty tired. Cassidy needs more to do now then be a sidekick with great one-liners as it is a waste of his character. Jesse has his own demons to deal with in Angelville, no pun intended, so let’s hope the writers have something better in store for Cassidy in the coming episodes.

Speaking of Jesse, his character is also kind of spinning its wheels right now. Sure, he’s got to find a way to get free of Gran’ma, but something needs to kick-start his ass and soon. I understand we are still in the story building stage of Angleville and Jesse’s family history but with the season only being ten episodes long, we need to get things moving in high gear. There are way too many interesting characters floating around the Preacher universe to have the show waste too much time in one spot.

The show does look great, though. Angelville is all dark, twisted and evil with just the right amount of dread floating around it. T.C. adds a nice touch in terms of a disgusting and creepy vibe as well, which compliments the place he calls home in the best way. There is also an aura of mystery that still surrounds Angelville, which gives the viewer a sense that they are really only seeing part of the overall picture.

I really do hope to see Eugene and Hitler again soon. That has to be one of the wackiest and hilarious pairs of characters roaming the Preacher universe. I understand the show is committed to the Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy story but it is all the other great characters, Herr Starr as well, that really allow this show to take off and go places no other show has dared to go. I have no doubt there is craziness on the horizon, I just wish the show would get there before they run out of episodes to do the crazy justice.

Three stars out of five


- Tulip steals the episode and saves it as well

- Angelville is wonderfully creepy and full of dread


- The Cassidy/Jesse conflict is getting old fast

- Time to move the stories along and not get stuck all the time in Angelville

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Bottom Line

'Gonna Hurt' had its moments but overall was simply average. Thankfully, Tulip was there to save the day. I think it's almost time to go crazy town and bring in some familiar faces to spice things up

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